Forever season 1, episode 4 recap: ‘Kase’


In this episode of Forever, June and Oscar get an interesting new neighbor who isn’t exactly looking to be friends.

Forever has taught us that life doesn’t always have to follow one path or one direction. When the opportunity presents itself, we should take it and run with it. At least that’s the message I have gotten out of it.

In the fourth episode of the season, Forever introduces a new character named Kase, played by Catherine Keener. Her presence is already a sign of things getting interesting in the episodes ahead because now that she is dead, she isn’t looking to live life the way she did before. According to her, it’s time to mix it up and go crazy.

The episode begins with Oscar and June in their usual daily routine–Oscar doing the crossword puzzle and June making pottery, followed by a walk, some shuffleboard, and then a hearty eclectic meal. There isn’t much to their routine, nothing much at all which illustrates the anxiety and angst June is beginning to feel but can’t yet identify.

But then one day, something different and unexpected happens–they get a new neighbor! When June and Oscar decide to pay the neighbor a visit, they meet Kase. However, she is not interested in the least bit and sends them on their way with minimal conversation.

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Something about Kase moving in and rejecting their welcome irks June and she becomes fixated on getting through to her. They attempt to go over again by taking over some mac and cheese which she throws out after they leave.

Curious as to why Kase is so resistant to them and their advances, June sneaks into her house to learn more about her but is caught by Mark who proceeds to tattle on her to Kase. Understandably, Kase confronts June much to Oscar’s shock who doesn’t understand why June is so interested in Kase and why she would have broken into the house in the first place.

Later that night, June is on a walk and called over by Kase who is moving a cabinet outside into the backyard to light it on fire. She finds it hideous but no matter how much she tries to burn it or get rid of it, it comes right back in one piece.

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It is here where June truly realizes the impact of this “second chance” because as Kase so eloquently puts it, they don’t need to do what they did in their previous life and this is their opportunity to do it however they choose to.

This is enough to get June thinking as she decides to burn a chair at the end of the episode–perhaps to feel something even if for just a fleeting moment.