Norm Macdonald Has a Show season 1, episode 1 recap: ‘David Spade’


Netflix series, Norm Macdonald Has a Show, starts off in a freewheeling fashion, to say the least, leading David Spade to wonder if it’s a “test show.”

What do you get when you cross Norm Macdonald with celebrity guests? You get awkwardness, a few laughs (if you appreciate the humor) and the occasional heartwarming fact.

This is the big surprise of Macdonald’s first interview on the Netflix series, Norm Macdonald Has a Show.

When David Spade discusses his experience of being on Johnny Carson, the story kind of trails off into the quirkier moments. Spade confesses that he had B.O. due to nervousness, and chugged Pepto Bismol accordingly.

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It probably didn’t help that he followed Martin Short, who was already an established comedy legend at the time. It should be a wonderful, humanizing moment, even for those who aren’t fans of David Spade.

He also discusses being a struggling stand-up comic, making about $40 a week until he caught some key breaks (like Saturday Night Live, of course).

According to Spade, some of his gigs were won after other comedians turned them down. For example, The Larry Sanders Show originally wanted Adam Sandler.

Similarly, Dana Carvey was originally considered for the character of “Theological Cokehead” in Paul Schrader’s Light Sleeper. Keep in mind, Paul Schrader is known for little films like Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

Some people likely didn’t know David Spade was involved in such a film. As Carvey’s version of Carson would say, “I did not know that!”

Other Highlights

There’s some name-dropping, too. Norm mentions “Greasy Tony’s” in Arizona and (surprisingly), he also randomly mentions the Oki-Dog restaurant, which was a punk rock hangout spot in L.A. in the 1970s. Spade also tells a story of getting “catfished” by a Victoria’s Secret model, although the story keeps getting interrupted.

Spade also says The Do-Over is one of his favorite projects (though it’s not a critically acclaimed film). Perhaps most surprising is that, as a child, David Spade was encouraged to be a hunter by his mother.

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The episode’s a mixed bag of freewheeling factoids about its interview subject. Nothing mind-blowing happens, but you may gain a little insight into David Spade.

That’s it for this Norm Macdonald has a Show recap. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.