Mayans MC set to be very different from Sons of Anarchy


According to Kurt Sutter, Mayans MC will be quite different from Sons of Anarchy.

It is no surprise that Mayans MC is not set in the same location as Sons of Anarchy.

While the Mayans Motorcycle Club could have easily been set in the same town, the decision was made to put the club in the part of California right near the Mexican border.

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The show’s creator Kurt Sutter elaborated that the creative decision was due to a desire to protect the Sons of Anarchy story canon and leave that story and setting as it was.

The difference in the series can be seen right in the show’s main character. Jax Teller was a born member of the motorcycle gang, part of the ruling Teller family. In Mayans MC, EZ does not have this connection, so he has to start out at the bottom of gang life as an outsiders seeing a way in.

This is a seemingly small detail that has a significant impact on the entire storyline. The entire life of Jax Teller was framed by the fact that he was born into the family that created the Sons of Anarchy.

Every other part of his life was impacted by that status. The basis for the Sons of Anarchy storyline was that it showed the ways in which he attempted to cope with this fact. Starting at the bottom comes with a very different set of complications than starting at the top.

Sutter also went on to describe how the new show goes more in-depth about the inner workings of criminal organizations and that many of the people working on the show have firsthand experience in this.

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Sutter’s co-creator Elgin James himself spent much time with gangs and draws on that experience in creating the show’s universe.

Mayans MC will air this Tuesday, September 4 at 10 pm.