Ballers season 4, episode 7 recap: ‘The Kids are Aight’


Last week on Ballers, Spencer found USC rejecting his idea to team up for a cable network while Joe tries to connect with a skateboarding trio and Ricky gets a shot at joining the Rams.

Spencer shows up with flowers for the Anderson brothers. He wants them to help with the USC deal and he has the high school kid that no one else knows about. They said their lawyer will be in touch.

Joe gets a call from Nike at SportsX. They have an idea for a campaign for one of the athletes they no longer represent. Joe lies about the athlete and he offers Nike the Illegal Civilization deal. Joe claims that they want to offer them a meeting to prove they are no longer “savages.”

Ricky is working out in the pool. We learn he is going to a party at the White’s.

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Spencer calls Joe and they discuss each other’s work, and both seem more optimistic than they really are. However, Quincy said that he has made a commitment to play for the Ohio State Buckeyes. This pisses off Spencer.

Quincy is out playing on some ATVs and Spencer calls him and asks about Ohio State. He said that he told them what they want to hear and that LeBron James is still sending him messages. Ohio State might have leaked it to mess with them and Spencer said this could sink their deal.

At the White’s party, they are the only black people there. Everything is awkward there, and Ricky is listening to some of the people talking about what Trump is doing for successful, self-made Americans. They say that they are all the same, including Ricky.

They tell Ricky that he gets it while “a lot of you don’t.”

Charles is at work and is stressed out because Todd Gurley’s agent called to ask to renegotiate his contract. His wife shows up and is mad that he couldn’t pick her up. They want to make it their day, but he has a lot to work on before that and tells her to get a massage and go shopping.

Back to the Illegal Civilization and Joe is on his way to talk to them. Joe tells them they have a meeting with Nike today and he tells them that they need to follow him unless they want to end up poor. They were harsh with them.

Back at the party, they say that it must be rough to retire at such a young age. When Ricky kneels to tie his shoe, the guys at the party mock the kneeling. Ricky gets offended and tells them to respect the movement and asks if they have a problem with athletes speaking their minds. They tell them not to drag the flag into it.

They ask him if he plans to kneel if he returns and Ricky said that he will kneel and then says “F**k Trump” and calls him a racist. He tells them his single mother raised him on welfare and they tell him that he is an “exception.” Ricky walks out.

Spencer heads to Ohio State and he gets a phone call about the Anderson’s trying to buy USC’s TV rights. He said that he better never hear the name Quincy Crawford or else. Spencer visits them and said that Quincy won’t be attending Ohio State. He delivers the news. They are not happy.

Joe has the meeting between Nike and the Illegal Civilization kids who are passing their drinks and then they get sick, all of them puking all over the Nike representatives. It was a gag that they did on purpose and they blow the entire deal.

Everyone is mad at Ricky and they are telling him that he is erratic and emotional and that he needs to “keep our causes to themselves.” They said that they support him, but he said: “not really though.” He then sends Charles a text message that said “F**k” Trump and that he stands with Kaepernick.

Charles is still at the office and she shows up after shopping. Charles is frustrated and said that “it doesn’t stop.” Charles said that he can’t relax, and he is failing everybody all the time. She tells him that he was afraid to fail and that he is now afraid to succeed.

Spencer is driving out of Ohio State and gets stopped at a roadblock and Anderson calls and say that he will back the USC deal. The police know who he is and asks him to step out of the vehicle. Spencer gets out and the police bring a dog to his vehicle to look for drugs. He had his prescription medications and they arrested him, saying that selling those is a felony.

The arrest was just to get Spencer’s attention to understand that Ohio State wants Quincy – the college has complete control of the law enforcement and used them to try to bully Spencer. An attorney, who is a booster, comes in to tell Spencer that Ohio State called him to deal with the Quincy problem.

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The booster said that he has friends with the NCAA who will put the fear of God into Spencer unless Quincy remains a Buckeye. If Quincy doesn’t remain a Buckeye, the will come for Spencer because they “know things.”

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