Ballers season 4, episode 6 recap: ‘No Small Talk’


Last week on Ballers, Spencer convinced high school athlete Q to go in with him on a college sports network to save Sports X.

Spencer and Q are walking on a college campus. Quincy compares being a college athlete to an indentured servant. Q asks if they are like Butch and Sundance or Bonny and Clyde. When Spencer said it is more like The Sting, Quincy said he had never seen it.

At Sports X, Joe is overlooking the employees. Joe said that he dreamed that the entire business cratered. He showed off some skateboarders he might be interested in.

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Reggie is there and doesn’t look happy. Reggie said that he is pissed off because he talked investors into putting money in the company. He wants to know what is going on and that it looks like Joe hasn’t slept in weeks.

Reggie likes going after the skateboarders.

Spencer is walking Quincy into the UFC football stadium full of people – all chanting for him. Quincy seems impressed. There is even a jet in the sky that makes a Q. Spencer gets shown around by the quarterback and Spencer heads out to talk to the coach, explaining that he is dating his mother.

Spencer said that he wants the UFC Trojans TV rights. He asks why he doesn’t ask the higher-ups and Spencer said it is because the coach won national titles and he went to Miami. He also promises he won’t compromise the coach, but he will compromise the higher ups.

Ricky gets back home. Dennis is there and said that Ricky retiring was a great thing. Dennis said that Ricky is jeopardizing his life and Ricky said he isn’t smart – just dedicated.

Q is being shown around USC. He shows them the workout room. He mentions that there is also a pizza place where if a player wears their hoodie, they eat for free. Quincy mentions that, where he comes from, if he wears a hoodie, he gets shot.

When Spencer asks about the classes, the player said that he wouldn’t know. He said that they have 24-hour tutors who take care of everything. Spencer and Q leave.

Jason happens to be in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and gets a call from Charles. Charles tells him that he is hosting a pre-free agent party and invites him. He asks Charles to bring a player with him, but then Charles asks him to reconsider Ricky. Charles mentioned that Ricky is bipolar as well.

Quincy said that he wants to know what his end is. Spencer said that his end is 10% and it will pay off in five years. Quincy said that he wouldn’t mind an education for three years, but he wants to get paid – up front.

Coach said that it is a “no-go.” He said that USC said that they have rejected the offer because it is him wanting to do it. They said that Rodney Peete had a lot to do with it.

Quincy disappeared and ended up hitting on a girl who is putting up posters for female diversity screenings. She is into film and is a football fan.

Ricky is out practicing catching in the rain. Charles happens to be driving by and sees Ricky practicing the game and seems shocked. Charles drives up and Ricky turned out to be there and he is there because he knows that Charles lives close by.

Charles said that he could still be their guy. Ricky said that if there is anything he can do, he will do it.

Joe is looking for the skateboarders, who are all nuts. They have a huge social media following and do most of their stunts in public areas.

He introduces himself as the owner of Sports X and they want them. They said that Lance had them doing corny shit. They tell him to get them dinner and they will talk.

Spencer showed up to see Rodney Peete. He said that Peete screwed his brother and now he is trying to screw him.  Peete is just laughing, and Spencer asks what this will cost him.

Peete said that he was around the program for a long time. Peete said that his brother had problems and Spencer said that they replaced his brother when he blew out a knee. Peete said that they wanted him back but the NCAA rules against him and USC tried to reinstate him.

Spencer said that his brother was depressed and not an addict. Peete said it was the other way around and William was eating pills like candy. Peete then said that the system screwed him, not USC.

Spencer said that the entire NCAA system is a scam.

Rodney Peete said that it would cost $200 million for a 10-year deal with USC. Spencer said thanks and walked out.

Charles is at the pre-free agent party. Jason showed up and he brought Ricky with him. Jason said that he takes care of his friends and that Charles should do the same. Jason introduced Ram’s starting quarterback Jared Goff to Ricky while Charles headed off to talk to the guy who was insulting Ricky at the gym in the last episode.

Joe and Reggie show up with the food and the skateboarders are gone. Reggie joked that they could put out a hit on them and Joe said they will just go back for more.

Ricky and Jared are hitting it off while Charles is talking to the younger player. However, he wants to be a running back and not a slot receiver. He then said if they will make him a running back and can afford him, he will sign on, but he wants to leave.

Jason showed Charles that Ricky and Jared are getting along and wants him to play slot. Charles finally agrees but tells Jason that it is his job to make Ricky happy with the slot role and to get the money right.

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Quincy is watching a movie with the girl from USC. Spencer is looking for Q and finds him in there watching the movie. Spencer starts talking loud during the movie and they walk out together. Q tells him to chill because USC is a great place, but he couldn’t make the deal because they wanted too much money.

Q said that Spencer needs to make the deal because he wants to go to USC now and they already have a deal.