Runaways: Hulu releases first teaser for season 2 of hit Marvel series


The Runaways prepare for the fight of their lives in the latest teaser trailer for season 2.

Hulu has released the first teaser for Marvel’s Runaways and it looks like the teens will have their work cut out for them this season. Not only will they have to face off against Jonah, but also their parents, and the unknown traitor in their midst. Based on the short teaser, a war is brewing on the West Coast.

It’s clear from the kids’ voiceover, they very much perceive their parents as the true villains of this season. However, they don’t realize that many of the parents teamed up with the intention of stopping Jonah last season. There’s a chance Runaways tries to portray the parents as antagonists, but not necessarily villains. Especially based on a short scene where they face off with an angered but injured Jonah.

Based on the teaser, Runaways will balance moments of levity with all of the action. From the video, fans get to see Nico and Karolina share an illuminating kiss which is bound to excite fans of that pairing. Molly gets some impressive training sequences, and Old Lace has become a member of the team. Not to mention, in the final moments Chase gets an opportunity to show off his Fistigons which seem stronger than ever.

Of course, the looming question this season will be who the traitor is. The video doesn’t give away much in that department but there is a scene with Karolina speaking with Jonah. It seems unlikely Runaways would spoil that big reveal in the teaser trailer though, so she’s probably the least probable suspect. However, with Deanoru definitely happening this season, it’s possible that Alex betrays the group now that he’s the odd man out.

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Also missing is any indication of the comic book characters debuting in this season. The creators have confirmed some familiar faces from the comics will be stopping by. Naturally, fans immediately hoped for some favorite characters like Xavin and Victor Mancha. Nevertheless, looks like everyone will have to tune in if they want to know who the new faces will be.

What did you think of the first teaser for season two of Marvel’s Runaways? Who do you think the traitor is? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!