Mayans MC renewed for a second season by FX


Mayans MC has just been renewed for a second season.

The Mayans MC will be returning for a second season as reported by Deadline. This isn’t exactly a surprise, considering the show was the highest rated debut for a cable series this year.

But this does give us a few small hints as to what will go down later this season. For there to be a second season of a show, that means some of the main cast will also have to return. Since virtually every main character finds themselves in a dangerous situation, a second season means that at least some of them will have to survive in order to continue the story.

So who will it be? Considering the way the story is structured compared to Sons of Anarchy, odds are good EZ will be back for season two. The biggest difference between Jax Teller and EZ is that Jax was born into the ruling Teller family and was always at the top of that criminal organization. Now, the unfortunate secret of always being at the top of something is that you have nowhere to go but down.

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The story of Jax Teller was how that fact eventually played out in his life. By contrast, EZ is only a prospective member of the Mayans MC, meaning that he is at the very bottom of the totem pole. While Sons of Anarchy was essentially the story of Jax Teller who started out at the top until he fell, Mayans MC could be the exact opposite as it tells the story of EZ who starts out at the bottom and rises to the top.

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Are you excited for Mayans MC to come back for another season? What are you hoping to see? Be sure to tell us in the comments below and check back here for weekly recaps of the latest episodes.