Norm Macdonald Has a Show season 1, episode 2 recap: Drew Barrymore


In episode 2 of Netflix’s Norm Macdonald has a Show, Norm talks with Drew about vampires, E.T., cocaine and eating monkey brains. Yikes!

Norm Macdonald and Drew Barrymore talk about more than her recent show, Santa Clarita Diet. They discuss a good chunk of her acting history, her philosophy, and a bunch of random stuff.
For example, Drew Barrymore hosted The Essentials on Turner Classic Movies for 3 years — a fact that some people don’t know.

Still, the conversation takes a few odd turns. When discussing his own acting career, Norm says, “Actors look on me the way vampires look on Count Chockula.” From there, he discusses the benefits of being bitten by Dracula. They also talk about the differences between writing TV shows and movies.

Norm Macdonald was a writer on Roseanne, and he remarks that, on TV, characters can never change that much (at least not without alienating the audience). They need to say the same things in different ways. However, in a movie, characters have to change more in a limited span of time.

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Drew Barrymore hosted Saturday Night Live six times and appreciates the “free-flowing format” of Norm Macdonald’s show. Indeed, they talk about the obvious reason Chatroulette fell apart, how her daughter looks like E.T. (to which Norm responds, “Is she good at phoning home?”)

Drew also says she’s eaten turkey testicles. Norm, of course, one-ups her by saying he ate a monkey’s brain once in Bangkok.

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Cocaine, Uplift and Walking the Tightrope

Apparently, Drew Barrymore doesn’t miss cocaine and says it would be a nightmare for her to use it. Norm then wrongly attributes a quote to Pablo Picasso: “I do not do drugs. I am drugs.” (This was actually a Salvador Dali quote).

Drew Barrymore seems to be getting high on life and speaks of each day as an opportunity for people to uplift each other. She also compares talking today with navigating a one-inch tightrope on an ice skate.

She talks a little about struggling as a child actress. However, she survived it because she started working at 11 months old, which gave her plenty of experience. She says she hated school, dropped out and got interested in film and literature, including Bukowski.

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Despite her eventual reputation as a “wild child,” she ironically worked with Nancy Reagan on the “Just Say No” campaign in the 1980s.  Finally, Drew and Norm Macdonald express how great the film Planes, Trains and Automobiles is, discussing its mastery of tone.

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