Gotham NYCC: Camren Bicondova on exploring Selina’s mental health


At NYCC, Camren Bicondova revealed how Selina’s mental health will be explored in season five and the status of Selina and Bruce’s relationship on Gotham.

During the press room event for Gotham at New York Comic Con, star Camren Bicondova teased what’s coming next for her character Selina Kyle in the prequel series’ fifth and final season, including how Selina’s mental health will be explored. The actress also revealed what’s in store for Selina’s relationship with Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and whether Selina is bisexual.

When fans last saw Selina, she had a life-altering diagnosis hanging over her head. She survived being shot by Jeremiah Valeska (Cameron Monaghan), but she sustained spinal damage that could be permanent.

While Bicondova did not say whether Selina’s mental health struggles are in part related to her injuries, she revealed that the teenage Catwoman will be “suicidal” when the season begins.

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“We’ve seen Selina fight these inner demons with herself in the past, but we’ve never seen them. And this season you get to actually see them,” Bicondova said. “It’s been incredible going to work. It’s been super draining after the days are done, but it’s completely worth it because we get to see Selina in this raw state that we’ve never seen her in before.”

Without getting into specifics, Bicondova also revealed that Bruce will come to Selina’s aid.

“The way that Bruce helps Selina in the first episode is a catalyst for the rest of what she goes through in the season,” Bicondova said.

Selina and Bruce’s complicated relationship has, of course, been a core part of Gotham since it premiered in 2014 and that won’t change in the show’s final stand. But any fans hoping won’t the “will-they-won’t-they” nature of their bond would finally be resolved may be disappointed.

Perhaps the majority of fans, though, will agree with Bicondova that an ambiguous ending is only fitting for the characters who will become Batman and Catwoman.

“It will leave off with a question,” Bicondova said. “I like that. I would like to leave that topic with a cliffhanger only because their relationship, once the legacy moves forward, is so unpredictable that I wouldn’t want there to be a definitive end for them in this show… It wouldn’t be them, you know. I don’t think that would give them justice if it had an ending.”

In response to a question about Selina Kyle’s bisexuality, which is canon in the comics, Bicondova revealed it will not be explored on Gotham but that she’s supportive of its representation in general.

“I’ve loved that they’ve touched based on that in the comic books,” Bicondova said. “As far as television or film, I would love to see that incorporated into the Selina character.”

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However, Bicondova believes there is a valid reason why Selina’s bisexuality should not be addressed on Gotham.

“Selina has just been so focused surviving and so focused on herself because that’s all she’s ever known that I don’t think she’s in a place to really question her sexuality yet and really experience and experiment with certain things,” Bicondova said. “I think even her being involved with Bruce is too much.”

Gotham will return to Fox for season five in 2019.

Kelly Shanaphy contributed reporting.