Good Omens NYCC recap: A charming panel and fan experience


Amazon looks like it has another hit on its hands with Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens.

While the network and the cast didn’t seem to want to give away too much about the upcoming series, New York Comic Con was a great place to be for fans. The Good Omens panel shared an exclusive first look at the series and had the actors answer questions. It’s always fun to see a cast genuinely excited about joining a show, and Amazon also took the time to have a “fan experience” which was a quick but fun detour for everyone.

The panel included creator Neil Gaiman, director Douglas Mackinnon, David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Miranda Richardson, and Jon Hamm. Right away, it’s clear the cast is just as excited about being a part of Good Omens as the crowd is. Tennant and Sheen both share an easy camaraderie, which is needed since they’ll be playing Crowley and Aziraphale. Meanwhile, Jon Hamm would probably win Class Clown award, easily getting laughs throughout the morning. His recurring joke about only doing this for the paycheck was seamlessly worked into answers throughout the panel.

Did fans learn much about the adaptation? Yes, moderator Whoopie Goldberg did get the cast to reveal quite a bit about the series without giving too much away. The big one is that Frances McDormand would play the voice of God. She didn’t appear at NYCC but the crowd did go wild. Mackinnon spoke about recreating Crowley’s infamous Bentley and what went into bringing it to screen. Turns out they have an actual Bentley, a remade interior, and a digital version which they use together to film the scenes in his car.

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Gaiman also said fans who loved the footnotes will be excited with how they’re worked in. Obviously, footnotes can’t be faithfully adapted into a television series because they only work in a novel. But Gaiman assured the crowd that there will be plenty of Easter eggs and little details which will be nods to the footnotes.

Audience members were treated to a trailer and two exclusive clips. Unfortunately only the trailer was made available online for non-ComicCon-goers to watch. The first clip gave viewers a scene between Crowley and Aziraphale while the other focused on Jon Hamm’s Gabriel. Hamm explained his character is like the boss who always thinks he’s right but couldn’t be more wrong.

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Finally, Gaiman explained the reasoning behind incorporating Queen into both the Good Omens book and television show. It turned out, he and Terry Pratchett (the co-author of the book) once found a Queen’s Greatest Hits in his car but neither could remember purchasing it. From then on, their joke was that any cassette left in a car for long enough would turn into Queen.

However, the fun wasn’t over for NYCC attendees. Amazon set up a fan experience in the main hall which allowed people to be sent to either Heaven or Hell. They recreated part of Crowley’s Bentley and hung up motivational posters for pessimists in the latter. Meanwhile, Heaven goers were treated to a place in Aziraphale’s bookstore and a bright light where they can communicate with God.

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The amount of detail went into creating the experience is definitely one of the highlights for fans. In fact, Neil Gaiman himself even went to surprise some lucky fans on Friday. Good Omens is certainly one of the winners for New York Comic Con. Amazon is bound to have a few more subscribers sign up before the series premiere in 2019.

Did you see Good Omens at NYCC? What did you think? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!