The Gifted NYCC recap: X-Men series gets a ton of love from fans


The Gifted proved once again why so many fans love the series at this year’s New York Comic Con.

For years, the X-Men have had one of the most loyal fandoms in the comic book world. That loyalty has carried over into FOX’s The Gifted, as the cast received an extremely warm welcome at New York Comic Con. In fact, the main stage audience erupted into cheers when Emma Dumont (who plays Polaris) accidentally ran on stage before the panel even started. However the cast’s energy and joy are so infectious, it’s easy to understand why so many people have grown to love the show.

While the entire cast didn’t appear, there was still plenty of fun to be had at this year’s panel. Emma Dumont, Sean James Teale, Amy Acker, Jamie Chung, Grace Byers, Coby Bell, and executive producer Matt Nix all took part in a lively event for the series. Jeph Loeb moderated, and while no big spoilers were revealed at the panel, attendees were able to see the first part of this week’s episode. Whereas last week gave viewers a bit more insight on John’s past, “coMplications” will give another main character some focus.

Matt Nix did mention that most of the actors have called him to provide some of their own ideas about interactions with other characters. However, the two he mentioned will be something to look forward to for fans. One will take place tomorrow, which is Marcos’ first interaction with his daughter. The other is how Caitlin will react when she gets to see Andy again. While he didn’t elaborate when or how this will happen, it seems like a safe bet that it will take place sometime before the season finale.

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Ever wonder why Blink hasn’t been using her powers as much in the first two episodes of this season? Actress Jamie Chung joked around in the press room and panel that it had to do with budgetary restrictions. Nix confirmed that making the portals and Polaris’ powers do cost a lot of money. However, he also revealed the discs that Blink uses throughout the comics and in X-Men: Days of Future Past actually are less expensive than the portals. While they won’t be popping up this season, fans can probably look forward to her powers expanding for next season.

Grace Byers also provided her perspective on Reeva and the Inner Circle, which made Sean James Teale rethink his character’s stance. Jeph Loeb asked Dumont if Polaris feels like she’s on the right side in this fight. She jokingly replied that Polaris is on her own side before someone chimed in that she’s on the winning side. Dumont echoed that sentiment by saying “Emma Dumont is on the winning side” before realizing her Freudian slip.

She and Sean James Teale were asked by a fan how their characters would react if Dawn ended up being powerless. They jokingly pretended to be disgusted by the idea but relented and admitted they just want to live in peace with their daughter. Dumont then changed her answer and said Polaris would probably be happy her daughter wouldn’t be subjected to the racism and discrimination of being a mutant. Although, it would certainly be interesting to see how Reeva would react to a human living amongst the Inner Circle.

Last week, Jace Turner returned to The Gifted but actor Coby Bell teased a very dark path for his character. At the panel and press room, he confirmed that Jace would be teaming up with the Purifiers this season for vengeance. Yet, he did point out that Jace doesn’t necessarily agree with the radical group’s standpoint but does believe he needs them to get justice.

Speaking of radical groups, Nix teased some history for some of the Inner Circle members. Both the Frost sisters and Polaris will get some backstory this season. Considering the Frost sisters, otherwise known as the Stepford Sisters, are the clones of one of the most prolific X-Men characters, it will be interesting to see how that’s handled. At least Magneto never had an active role in Lorna’s upbringing, but the sisters are very much like Emma Frost.

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At the panel, Nix also spoke about how important the mutants have been for highlighting discrimination within the real world. While he says they don’t craft the show trying to teach anyone a lesson, The Gifted often comments on social injustices simply because of the storylines. A fan asked if the series would be exploring discrimination after LGBTQ+ characters specifically and Nix said they like to create a story that almost anyone who’s been discriminated against can relate to.

Finally, the cast teased the Morlocks at both the roundtable and the panel. Teale said Eclipse would definitely clash with the leader of the underground group. In fact, he said Marcos will look at Erg, the leader of the group,  as an idiot who lives in the sewer. It looks like the universe of The Gifted will definitely be expanding this season.
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