The Man in the High Castle season 3, episode 8 recap: Kasumi (Through the Mists)


The Reich prepares for the Jahr Null celebrations by melting the Liberty Bell into a gigantic swastika. Juliana inspires action in others as she prepares to cross into the Reich and stop the Die Nebenwelt machine on The Man in the High Castle.

Juliana shows her film to the Sabra community. It changes Ed’s life, but mostly everyone thinks its either fake or useless. One guy, though, believes in it and helps them interpret the Die Nebenwelt blueprint. Juliana and Wyatt plan to travel to Lackawanna to investigate and see if they can destroy the machine. Juliana and Frank have a tearful goodbye, but Frank and Ed are inspired to do more for the resistance on The Man in the High Castle.

Wyatt gets Juliana’s new papers but has to kill his supplier who was setting him up. Wyatt returns to pick up Juliana, promising that he’ll have her back, whatever happens. When they cross the border Juliana’s papers don’t hold up because it has an expired signature and one of the guards recognize her. They have to shoot their way through and Wyatt’s contact dies in the crossfire.

Tagomi continues to spend time with Tamiko but under the protection of armed guards. Despite this, the new Lebensborn assassin is watching him, waiting for his moment. One night he manages to overpower Tagomi’s guards, but Tagomi hears him coming and overpowers him with his kata in an impressive display of capability. The police leave the assassin’s body in the street in front of the Reich embassy and demand that the Nazis lift the oil embargo. Himmler refuses to negotiate.

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The school is pushing to have Jennifer Smith tested for the same genetic defect as Thomas and there’s no way to avoid it. At therapy, Helen expresses opinions of dissent, anger at the waste of killing Thomas, and then tries to kiss Dr. Ryan. He, of course, has to report this to Smith, telling him that Helen was expressing opinions against Reich orthodoxy. This means that Helen can’t see Dr. Ryan anymore.

Childan’s shop is returned to him as thanks for his assistance to the Kempeitai, which makes him suspicious that the information he gave to Kido was more important than he thought. He tries to contact Jack to warn Ed about Kido but gets disconnected. Kido arrives in Denver, claiming that he recovered Ed and Childan’s lost merchandise to lure Jack into giving information.

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Nicole and Thelma go to a private women’s club which is raided by the SD. As a German National Nicole is released, but Thelma is arrested. Nicole calls Billy to get her released, but it means the end of their relationship.

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