The Man in the High Castle season 3, episode 9 recap: ‘Baku’


As the Die Nebenwelt test approaches, Juliana and her team plan their reconnaissance mission to Lackawanna. Tagomi and Smith meet secretly while Kido ties up loose ends on The Man in the High Castle.

As the Reich prepares for Die Nebenwelt tests, Tagomi calls Smith personally to organize a meeting to discuss the oil embargo and reveals he knows about Die Nebenwelt. Himmler tells Smith to meet with Tagomi and find out how much he knows in this episode of The Man in the High Castle. They meet at Abendsen’s farmhouse in Boulder, which gives Smith a chance to snoop around and discover High Castle’s identity.

Tagomi worries that the danger that he faces will spoil his relationship with Tamiko. She chooses him, despite the danger, and they kiss before he has to leave for Boulder. Smith postpones Jennifer’s test until his return.

Tagomi reveals to Smith that he provided the film of the bomb testing that stopped the war between them before. He tells him about his travels to other worlds and how he visited his dead son, which is of great interest to Smith. Tagomi gives Smith a list of Nazi defectors that he will return to the Reich in exchange for lifting the oil embargo.

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After the meeting, Smith locates the Abendsens and raid their farm, taking Caroline hostage to await her husbands return.

Some kind of mix up happens and the nurse comes for Jennifer’s test before Smith gets back. Helen stops the test and decides to run away with her daughters. Helen keeps her reasons for the trip to herself, but her daughters know something is wrong. Jennifer is especially suspicious, having inherited her father’s intuition and detective skills, but Helen continues to deflect.

Juliana and Wyatt meet some of his friends in the Reich. They are suspicious of Juliana at first, but she quickly gains their confidence, particularly because Wyatt is completely loyal to her. Wyatt’s friend Chuck is an ally from Juliana’s memories, which means these friends can be trusted. She shows them all the film, which has a tremendous impact. Chuck is immediately on board to take down Die Nebenwelt. Others, like Ledette, wonder what good saving another world from the Nazis would do, which is a pretty selfish question. It might not do them any good in the end, but it would certainly do that other world a lot of good.

Juliana and the team arrive in the Poconos to start planning their reconnaissance mission. The entrance to the mine is heavily guarded, but there is a way through another abandoned mine tunnel.

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Ed and Frank graffiti the side of a building with a stylized sunrise over a sinister sillouhette. People take notice and they decide to do another, bigger display. They paint it under cover of darkness and make plans to take their work to San Francisco. Jack tells Ed about Childan’s call and his visit from the Yakuza. Ed calls Childan who tells him to get out of Denver with Frank as fast as he can. Kido tracks them down before they can leave and arrests Frank, taking him out into the desert and executing him. Kido believes that if he doesn’t do this, his eventual death will be without honor.

Sampson kills the two bounty hunters, hopefully putting an end to the immediate danger to Sabra.

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