Patriot: Season 2 to premiere this November on Amazon


The second season of Patriot will be available on Amazon this November.

Season 2 of Patriot starring Michael Dorman will be released in less than a month on November 9th. The Amazon based comedy will return as U.S. Intelligence official John Tavner finds himself without 11 million euros as he tries to influence the outcome of Iran’s Presidential Election. This is when John’s father steps in and orders a more drastic plan B. Instead of bribery, assassination is the potential remedy for the pro-nuclear Presidential candidate as he stays in a Paris compound under heavy guard.

Since the show’s plot in season one was a spy going undercover in a boring office job, the premise is a bit like The Office meets Homeland. This is interesting to think about because the show seems to have a lot in common with the spy-comedy Get Smart, which hit theatres about a decade ago.

The film starred none other than Steve Carell, who was, of course, an obvious contrast to the sort of spy we’ve become used to seeing in movies due to movies like the James Bond franchise. The very idea of casting Steve Carell (who was still starring in The Office at the time) in a spy movie is amusing by itself and the movie itself was actually a moderately entertaining comedy.

Action and comedy are two film genres that typically go well with each other, so putting a comedian in an action movie is typically a safe bet. It’s why Jackie Chan’s co-star in the Rush Hour movies was comedian Chris Tucker.

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If season one of Patriot featured spy John Tavner acting under the guise of a midlevel office employee, perhaps season two will have him assume the role of a maintenance man. If he wanted to get a crack at getting close to whoever is staying at the compound, that would be the most plausible way to do it. But no matter how they do it, Patriot needs to be sure to keep fans both amused and glued to their seats if they want to be back for Season 3.