Panic, YA Pilot from Amazon, Adds Three Series Regulars


Amazon Studios’ Panic, a YA pilot from Lauren Oliver based on her best-selling novel, has added three actors to its roster.

Will Chase, Ray Nicholson, and Kevin Alves will join Olivia Welch, Mike Faist, and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as series regulars, Deadline reports.

The Hunger Games-esque Panic focuses on the rural town of Carp, which holds an illegal and dangerous contest every year for high school seniors. Only one can win the life-changing monetary prize.

But everyone who competes will learn about who they are and who they could be as they take on challenges in which they confront their biggest fears.

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The contest depicted on the show will include 47 players, including Welch, Faist, and Chestnut, who will be vying for the biggest price in the competition’s history.

Chase, who played Luke Wheeler on Nashville and has appeared on many other shows including Sharp Objects and Madam Secretary, will portray Sheriff Kean. Kean is intimidating to the local kids but his determination to shut down the contest is personal: he lost a son to the competition.

Nicholson plays Ray Hanrahan, a teen at the top of the high-school social ladder. He is good-looking but dangerous, a guy who remembers everything and easily lashes out. He’s also the only kid in town that seems destined for success. Nicholson was previously seen in The Outsider and R.I.P.

Finally, Alves, whose prior credits include Shadowhunters and Degrassi: The Next Generation, will play Bishop. The big-hearted high school grad is best friends with Welch’s Heather.

While he plans to escape Carp, he is also appreciating his post-high school life at the moment. He tries to be supportive when Heather and Natalie (Chestnut) join the contest but is very worried.

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It seems the Panic pilot is slowly rounding out its cast, although time will tell if Amazon greenlights the show as a full series. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see if we’ll get a chance to experience Panic.

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