Netflix adds five new German originals to its lineup


Kelly Luegenbiehl, Netflix’s VP for Original Series, announced that the streaming behemoth would produce five new German originals, all of which will launch on the streaming service in 2019. Speaking at the Medientage München conference this morning, Luegenbiehl stated that each new German series would be available in all Netflix markets.

Netflix is not hedging bets so much as they are placing a wager on every television roulette square. The shows range from basic crime drama to sci-fi thriller, along with a Christmas themed show and a historical series depicting the Germanic tribes’ battles with the Romans.

One of the series, titled Skylines, is just a contemporary crime drama. Maren Ade will produce it. Ade is a safe choice, with international cache since directing and writing Toni Erdmann, which won the European Film Award for Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Screen Writing, Best Directing, and Best Film.

Skylines will follow a young music entrepreneur who gets his big break with Skyline Records. As with most hip-hop shows, urban crime and gangs will make an appearance, this time through the record label’s owner’s brother, who believes he is owed a slice of the pie.

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Skylines was created by Dennis Schanz and will be directed by Max Erlenwein and Soleen Yusef.  Komplizen Film which includes Maren Ade, will produce the series with StickUp Films.

Along with Fouda, Dark and Dog Days of Berlin, Netflix has really invested in international content for their growing international audience.

"“We want to tell local stories with global appeal. We are excited to have found this in these five projects, which — each in their unique way — are both undeniably German and at the same time tell stories that are relevant to viewers all over the world,” Luegenbiehl said of the German series saturation."

The series Tribes Of Europa, will be a futuristic look at a filed European continent once again divided tribally. Set in 2070, a worldwide disaster has caused what remains of Europe to become highly fractured into countless micro-states. The ‘Tribes’ will fight for control, while the story revolves around three siblings seeking progress and power in the fate of the new Europa. Most brief synopsis leave one wondering how much of a play this is for the Game of Thrones international market.

The Barbarians will focus on the famous battle of the Teutoburg Forest. It was there, in the 10th Century, that Germanic warriors withstood the advances of the Roman Empire. The macro story of the war will provide a contrast of the micro adventures of three youngsters whose fate leads them from pure innocence, allegiance and love to guilt, betrayal, and hate. Band of Brothers vibe mixed with Orwellian dystopian themes, and some medieval weapons, should be enough to attract attention.

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Don’t Try This At Home will chronicle a high school student’s attempts to win back the love of his life, all while he and his best friend launch Europe’s largest online drug business from a bedroom. With the bitcoin boom and opiate epidemic, Netflix has a wide range of directions and routes that could all lead back to the inevitable drug bust and loss of respect from someone loved.

Lastly, Netflix announced there will be an as of yet untitled three-part Christmas miniseries. The show will follow one family’s crazy and emotional Christmas holidays. It revolves around four generations of women who finally have to come clean about all the secrets they have been keeping from each other.  It’s like Ya-Ya sisterhood meets the Airing of Grievances from Seinfeld!

Source: Deadline