Netflix cancels American Vandal after two seasons


It seems that Netflix is in the mood to cancel fan-favorite shows this month and American Vandal was their most recent target.

After canceling two Marvel Netflix shows in Iron Fist after a much-improved second season and then the popular Luke Cage, the popular streaming service axed its best mockumentary.

Deadline broke the news when they reported that Netflix chose not to move forward with the third season of the fake true-crime drama. Unlike the Marvel Netflix series, American Vandal did not have the big budget but was still a cut by the streaming service.

The good news is that CBS TV Studios, the company that produced the show, is looking for other potential buyers to air the third season. They had already started working on the third season when Netflix axed the show.

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The first season of American Vandal was hugely popular and was one of the top binge-watched shows for Netflix the year it was released. It surrounded two high school filmmakers investigating claims that one of their classmates drew phallic symbols on teacher’s cars and ended up proving his innocence.

It was clear that American Vandal was a mockumentary that owed a lot to another Netflix series, this one the true-crime docu-series Making a Murderer.

That first season won a Peabody Award on top of critical and fan acclaim.

The second season of American Vandal was not as widely watched, and part of that was the fact that they used scatological humor, which turned some viewers away. In the second season, the boys went to a private school to investigate the case of someone involved in poop-related pranks.

When releasing the news, Netflix did not blame low viewership but instead just thanked the show and its fans, referencing its “unique and unconventional humor.”

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There is no word on who CBS TV Studios is pitching the series to, but anyone from Amazon VIdeo to Hulu to YouTube Red would be a perfect landing spot for American Vandal.