Gotham final season update: Jaime Murray cast in recurring role


Fox’s Gotham has added a new cast member to its final season – Dexter alum Jaime Murray is set to play Jim Gordon’s nemesis.

News about the final season of Gotham is hotting up. Deadline has announced a new cast member will join the Batman prequel series – Jaime Murray. The Dexter and Once Upon a Time alum will be playing Theresa Walker and her character description suggests she is set for a villainous turn.

"The character emerges as Jim Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie) principal nemesis in the season, who comes to Gotham harboring a dark secret about her past."

Theresa Walker is not a name familiar to fans of the Caped Crusader. She definitely didn’t turn up in any of my research; however, another Walker did. Drury Walker was an evil-doer who took on the mantle of Killer Moth, a character introduced originally in early Batman comics as the ‘anti-Batman’. Could she be Drury’s relative or ancestor?

Despite Gotham ostensibly being an origin story for Batman, the show’s star is McKenzie’s Jim Gordon of the GCPD. Gordon has gone toe-to-toe with many baddies over the course of the four seasons, including two Falcones, the Mad Hatter, the Court of Owls, and his own ex-girlfriend, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards). It will be interesting to see what Murray brings to her role.

Fox’s Gotham was prematurely cancelled and will complete its run with season 5. TVLine reported that the episode count of the last season has been upped from the original 10 to 12, ending the show on a perfect 100 episodes.

Alongside Walker, fans can expect to see many more DC Comics villains once the show premieres on January 3, 2019. Hints that several members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery will appear on Gotham have been doing the rounds since the final season was announced. We already know that Cameron Monaghan’s Jeremiah will be returning and Shane West will be starring as Eduardo Dorrance – images of West in a Bane suit have also recently emerged.

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I doubt Walker will be working with the iconic Batman Rogues like Bane or Jeremiah’s faux-Joker, but I expect the villains’ stories will run parallel to each other’s as they battle their respective foes, Gordon and David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne.