House of Cards season 6, episode 1 premiere recap: Chapter 66


Netflix released the complete sixth and final season of the political drama, House of Cards, early this morning.

About a year ago, the male lead of House of Cards was fired from the show amid sexual abuse allegations from actor Anthony Rapp (when he was 14 years old) and the show’s staff members. Netflix absolutely made the right call.

House of Cards was already in production of its final season, so Netflix decided to halt production and figure out their next steps. Then, in 2018, production continued with Robin Wright at the helm.

However, the way things were going in the storyline, it seemed as if Spacey’s days as Frances Underwood were numbered anyway.

We left Season 5 with Frank resigning the presidency, making the Vice President and his wife, Claire Underwood President of the United States. She was also supposed to pardon Frank for his illegal activity, but she failed to deliver it.

Without intention, the show had already set up Spacey’s exit. But now that his personal life dictated his character’s fate, how did the show choose to get rid of him?

Why a mysterious death of course!

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Threats from every angle

It’s the Fourth of July. As Claire settles into her presidency, she is faced not only with the ghost of her late husband, but also threats on her life. Her VP, Mark Usher (Campbell Scott), urges her to cancel a speaking engagement at a nearby military base, she administers her power by telling to basically F-off.

Did Frank make her this way? Or was she always this way? From flashbacks throughout the episode, we find out that Claire was never the type of person to mess with.

In what was a strange scene that was most likely included for symbolic reasons, Claire hears noises coming from Frank’s empty bedroom. She goes to inspect, and the noises are coming from the wall. Is Frank trapped in the wall? She forcefully plunges her fingers through the wall and out flies a bird.

Personally, I was afraid she would kill the bird with her bare hands because let’s be honest, she’s a little unhinged. But thankfully she sets it free.

Taking the fall

If you were wondering what happened to Doug Stamper, he’s in a mental facility under psychiatric evaluation. He took responsibility for all of Frank’s transgressions, including killing Zoe Barnes. His new doctor happens to be working for Claire and reports back every conversation he has with Doug.

Introducing the Shepherds

Just like any show when you lose one of your lead actors, you bring in a notable actor or two to replace them. Enter Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear as siblings Annette and Bill Shepherd. Claire visit’s Annette’s home during her Fourth of July party and, at first, you think they’re good friends. But in private we come to learn that they are all more frenemies than anything else.

We also are led to believe they have all known each other for a long time. However, we have never heard of them before. I’ll give the show a pass on this one since I like both actors very much.

Before Frank passed, he had promised the Shepherds to pass a Bill that would help their business save crap-loads of money. Claire is very unwilling to work with them and basically tells them don’t hold your breath.

After the speaking at the military base anyway, Claire’s car window is shattered by a bullet – an attempt on her life or a warning shot from the Shepherds.

I think the only thing that scares Claire more than anything is death, so maybe she’ll change her tune to work with the Shepherds. Regardless, they shouldn’t get too comfy.

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At the end of the episode, Claire finds Frank’s ring on his bed, which leads us to believe the Shepherds dug his body up to retrieve it, sending yet another threatening message. Claire takes the ring, puts it on her middle finger and gives a big F-you to the ghost of Frank. Perfect ending!

What did you think about the last first House of Cards episode? Does it work without Kevin Spacey? Are you planning on binging the entire season in one sitting?

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