The Good Place season 3, episode 6 recap: A Fractured Inheritance


The ladies of the Brainy Bunch must face their demons to help their biggest adversaries become one on The Good Place.

This week’s episode of The Good Place, “A Fractured Inheritance”, explored what happens when you are forced to connect with your life’s antagonist.

For Eleanor, her mother’s neglect and horrible influences can be blamed for why Eleanor ended up in the Bad Place. While I do believe people can succeed despite bad upbringings, in Eleanor’s case, her mother wasn’t doing her any favors.

For Tahani, her sister’s constant competitiveness and cockiness have only pushed her into being a jealous and resentful human, canceling out all of the good she’s done in the world and landed her in the Bad Place.

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The two ladies must reconcile with the thorns in their sides and save them from ending up in the Bad Place themselves. Tahani travels to Budapest with Chidi, Janet, and Jason. But Eleanor’s mother, Donna, is dead – or so she thought.

It turns out Donna (Leslie Grossman) is now Diana and living a new life in Nevada. She faked her death so that she wouldn’t have to pay the $29,800 for a date with Gene Simmons at a charity auction.

When Eleanor and Michael show up at Diana’s new “McMansion,” she finds out that she has settled down with an architect named Dave and his daughter Patricia. She does yoga, eats avocado rolls, drinks chardonnay, and runs for PTA.

Eleanor is convinced that her mother is scamming these people, even going as far as searching Patricia’s room for the hidden money. And guess what, she did hide some money in a detergent box. But really, her mother is happy and on a good path.

I’m crushed for her because Patricia is getting the mother Eleanor wanted and deserved. But at least her mother may have a chance of getting in the Good Place with a daughter-do-over.

Meanwhile, in Budapest, Tahani’s sister Kamilah (Rebecca Hazlewood) is showing her art in an entire wing of a museum. Now, I’m no art expert, but the art is terrible. Again, a little joke The Good Place has where the audience knows everything Kamilah does is ridiculous, but the actors aren’t in on the joke.

Tahani apologizes to Kamilah while she makes “art omelets” (eye roll), but she doesn’t accept the apology, enraging Tahani so much so that she takes an ax to the omelet table. Kamilah has Tahani and Chidi arrested. In doing so, they are forced to examine the horrible artwork.

It’s then that Tahani realizes that their wankers of parents have been pitting them against each other all their lives. The paintings actually depict the adverse sisters. They reconcile, and Kamilah shares credit for the ax in the omelet table “art piece.”

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I would say the chapters on these particular antagonists are closed.

But just before the episode ends, Michael drops a huge bomb: Eleanor and Chidi once professed their love for each other at some point in the afterlife.

What will Eleanor do with this information? I’m sure it will make for lots of awkwardness. And hopefully, we’ll find out next week.

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