The Good Place season 3, episode 5 recap: The Ballad of Donkey Doug


Breaking up is hard to do for Chidi and Jason’s dad is just like Jason on The Good Place.

I have to admit that this week’s The Good Place was not my favorite episode ever unleashed on the world.

I don’t want to call it boring per say, it just seemed like one of those filler episodes that was necessary to move the story forward but didn’t dazzle. It was kind of like the Robert California episodes of The Office.

Throughout the series, Jason tells tales of life in Jacksonville with Donkey Doug. But it turns out Donkey Doug is actually Donkey Dad! And he’s everything you can imagine, an older version of Jason.

Jason, Tahani, and Michael travel to Jacksonville through “Macho Man” Randy Savage International Airport to save his father’s soul. We quickly see that Donkey Doug is not a model citizen when he answers the door holding a bong in a foam fist.

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The plan is to push him towards a career as an electrician. Instead, Jason’s father falls into a “get rich quick” scheme with Jason’s friend Pill Boy. The scheme is actually a series of robberies. While Michael thinks Donkey Doug is a lost cost, Jason is convinced Pill Boy can be saved.

The threesome easily convinces Pill Boy that they are on a secret mission from NASA and that he needs to ditch robberies (hopefully) saving his soul.

Meanwhile back in Australia, Chidi has to break up with Simone because he can’t risk her finding out about the universe. But with Chidi being Chidi, he can’t decide how he’s going to do it. Since Janet is the knower and doer of all things, she creates a virtual reality simulation where Chidi can practice breaking up with Simone.

In real life, the breakup doesn’t go as smoothly the first time around, and he has a bit of a redo later that day and properly parts ways with her. But seriously, what breakup has ever gone well?

Eleanor didn’t have much to do this episode other than observing Chidi’s simulations, step in and mess with him during the simulations, and ask Janet various questions about past relationships and high school. Because remember, Janet knows everything!

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At the end of the episode, Eleanor tells the gang how she wishes she could get closure from her parents but they’re both dead. But Janet drops a bomb, Eleanor’s mother is not dead. She faked her death. But she may not be alive for long because Eleanor vows to go back to America to kill her.

Will Eleanor really kill her mother? Will the gang save anyone else’s soul? Find out next week on The Good Place.

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