Norm Macdonald has a Show season 1, episode 4 recap: David Letterman


Episode 4 of Norm Macdonald has a Show hosts David Letterman. He and Norm talk handsome actors, stage fright and Dave’s speeding at 150 MPH in Germany.

This episode of Norm Macdonald has a Show features the usual “freewheeling” style of Norm Macdonald, paired with a somewhat cantankerous David Letterman. Still, the two get along alright. They discuss how Robert Redford never wanted to play a drunk, for fear of ruining his image. They also discuss how Paul Newman wanted those roles, as he allegedly hated being handsome. There’s also a Robert Shaw impression.

The beard, Beverly Hillbillies, and diving fast

According to Letterman, no one’s told him to lose the beard. He also says he
liked the Beverly Hillbillies as a kid. They also briefly discuss Drew Barrymore’s episode.
Letterman also brings up the vapid conversations he has with his son, which are like, “‘Sup” and “Hey dude.” Norm reveals that he’s always used his own son’s pain as coal for his furnace of ambition! As another random point, Letterman mentions how, in Germany, he was able to legally drive 150 mph.  He remarks that a family passed him!

Quite naturally, the subject of speeding records comes up. They discuss the 4-minute mile and Roger Bannister. Interestingly, after he broke the record, 20 other people broke it later that year. The two agree that breaking a record is a “mind over matter” phenomenon. When you know something can be done, it gets rid of nagging doubts and encourages people to give it that extra push.

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In an honest moment, David Letterman says he would have drunk himself to death if he hadn’t succeeded in life. He also says never wanted to host Saturday Night Live and he dreaded appearing on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In fact, he said the humiliation was instant, and he similarly felt he didn’t want to ruin SNL.

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Other random points? Norm Macdonald doesn’t drive, so he’d be an ideal candidate for owning a self-driving car. Dave also talks about being semi-recognized in a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. They also discuss Leno eating before gigs, and David Letterman calls Norm an infant and questions the format of his show.

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