The Walking Dead ratings increase for Andrew Lincoln’s final episode


It’s now been a couple days since Rick Grimes’ final episode on The Walking Dead.  The ratings for last Sunday’s episode are in and the results are not particularly encouraging.

The good news: it’s possible the ratings decline for The Walking Dead may have finally seen a plateau.  Ever since hitting a series low earlier this season, live viewers have slowly been going back up from 4.95 million for episode 2 “The Bridge” to 5.41 million for last Sunday’s “What Comes After” (though DVR viewers may be trending downward).

Also worth noting is The Talking Dead saw a healthy uptick from last week by bringing in a season-high 2.7 million viewers, though given the occasion that probably shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Of course, now the real test for season 9’s ratings will begin this Sunday’s episode.

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Despite Rick’s exit being highly promoted and hyped by AMC for several months, the event came and went without much fanfare.  The cynical viewers (myself included) have predicted for months that with Rick gone from the show, the ratings will nosedive and be the final nail in The Walking Dead’s coffin.  This opinion hasn’t exactly been disproven, given that the ratings increase for last Sunday’s episode received wasn’t exactly anything to write home about.

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On the other hand, season 9 has so far been the best received season The Walking Dead has had in years. This could possibly have been reflected in the gradually increasing ratings, so it’s not impossible that the show could end up surviving on it’s own merits.

How do you think The Walking Dead’s ratings will be effected by Rick’s departure?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Deadline