George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards set for two series at Hulu


George R.R. Martin is bringing another one of his popular anthologies to the small screen, this time with two new series on Hulu.

The upcoming series will be based on Martin’s Wild Cards novels (27 books and counting, since 1987).

The rights were bought by Universal Cable Productions in 2016 and writers rooms are set to open soon for the two new series, according to Deadline.

Martin, while signed on as an executive producer, will not be writing on either series as he’s still under exclusive contract with HBO.

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Heading up the series will be writer and executive producer Andrew Miller (Backstrom and The Secret Circle, though he also had a memorable turn as an actor in the original Cube movie).

Joining him will be executive producers Melinda Snodgrass and Vince Gerardis. Snodgrass has written for Star Trek: The Next Generation and has been an editor and contributor to the Wild Cards anthology. Gerardis worked as a co-executive producer on Game of Thrones.

Martin’s book series is set in the present of an alternate post-World War II United States where a virus from a crashed alien ship infects the DNA of all who come in contact with it.

While 90% of those people die, the rest survive and either become Jokers (with minor to crippling physical conditions) or Aces (who either stay human or develop supernatural abilities).

Passed down through generations, the virus, called the Wild Card virus, can go undetected until triggered by a traumatic event.

Prior to the project being taken to Hulu, Syfy Films (Syfy Channel and Universal Pictures) had planned to turn the series into a movie after getting the rights to the franchise in 2011, according to Hollywood Reporter. Now, it looks like Hulu and UCP are set to create at least two series in the Wild Cards world.

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Fun fact: Neil Gaiman pitched Martin a character to include in the series back in 1987 at San Diego Comic-Con. Martin declined due to Gaiman’s lack of experience at the time. Gaiman’s idea went on to be Gaiman and DC Comics’ The Sandman.

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