Star Trek: Michelle Yeoh could be helming her own show


A new report suggests Michelle Yeoh is set to get her own Star Trek spin-off show as part of the Trekverse.

Deadline has learned that a new Star Trek show could be headed to CBS All Access with Michelle Yeoh in the lead.

The veteran actor took the Captain’s chair in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Discovery before returning later on in the season as the Mirror Universe version of her counterpart, Emperor Philippa Georgiou.

No further details have been shared yet about the show and Star Trek executives have not made an official announcement.

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A spin-off show is a perfect way to expand on Yeoh’s character, be it as either Captain or Emperor. From the moment she stepped on to bthe ridge of USS Shenzhou, I felt like Yeoh belonged in Star Trek.

Imagine my disappointment when she didn’t make it past the pilot!

We know Yeoh will be back for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, since the Emperor is now masquerading as Captain Georgiou in the main timeline. Hopefully, by now, her character’s xenophobia has mellowed and she is fitting in with the many alien species living in harmony in the Federation.

As per the actor’s social media, Georgiou is likely to be involved with the clandestine organisation, Section 31. Could the spin-off show follow her activities with them?

This would open up several possibilities for new cast members and storylines, with the option to crossover with Star Trek: Discovery if and when the need arose.

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The showrunners could also make Yeoh’s show a prequel series starring some of the actors from the Shenzhou.

This could become a production nightmare since some of the cast, like Sonequa Martin-Green and Doug Jones, who star as Michael Burnham and Saru, would be unavailable to appear on both Star Trek: Discovery and the spin-off. But there are plenty of options available for a character who was quite an enigma throughout the first season.

The newfound Trekverse is growing and if Yeoh’s Emperor Georgiou does get her own show, she would be the franchise’s first on-screen queer lead. And that is a really exciting prospect!