Light as a Feather season 1, episode 4 recap: …Dark as the Night


Episode 4 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather has us wondering about Violet a witch who hexed Olivia, and who’s next to die.

This episode of Light as a Feather seems to deal with guilty feelings, along with the usual freaky occurrences. Understandably, Trey (Jordan Rodrigues) feels guilty for the death of Olivia Richmond (Peyton List), and he needs to talk to someone.

So, a few nights after the accident, he climbs into McKenna’s (Liana Liberato) window — which is surely a no-no, as far as McKenna’s mom (Dorian Brown Pham) Deb is concerned.

Trey talks about how Olivia freaked out about his red car, which was ominously predicted by Violet (Haley Ramm) as causing her Olivia’s death. In fact, Trey says even the song on the radio was as Violet predicted in their game of “Light as a feather, stiff as a board.”

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He also says that, although the rescue crew tried to conceal the crash scene, he happened to see Olivia’s severed arm on the highway. He also feels guilty for not stopping the car. Obviously, this is some freaky stuff, but McKenna at no point seems disbelieving.

In fact, weird things continue to happen the following day after Trey leaves. For example, two crows smash into Henry Richmond’s (Dylan Sprayberry) windshield. Granted, it could be a coincidence, but viewers know better!

A rotten apple, pills and an iffy sleepover

Candace (Ajiona Alexus) wants to run for class president in Olivia’s place. However, she gets upset when she sees Isaac (Brent Rivera) with Violet. Previously, Candace had spoken poorly of Violet, treating her like a witch, or as someone who generally doesn’t belong. As if fitting that image, we are shown that Violet’s back is bleeding in the locker room, for some unknown reason.

Still, that doesn’t stop Violet from later deciding to run for class president. Later, when all the ladies meet (minus Violet), they talk again about how she may be a witch. Candace even says all of her plants have died. Later on in class, Candace even bites into a rotten, worm-infested apple!

Other unfortunate things happen, too. Alex Portnoy (Brianne Tju) messes up in dancing class, which would be embarrassing enough. However, some questionable pills fall out of her bag and get her in trouble. In the aftermath, Candace wonders if Trey sold pills to Alex.

However, not everything seems wrong, and not everyone dislikes violet equally in Light as a Feather (or so it appears). In fact, Violet invites McKenna over for a night and she accepts.

While asking permission to attend the sleepover, McKenna apologizes for sneaking out, and McKenna’s mom regrets causing a scene at the party. The two agree that Deb should ease up on her alcohol consumption (Aww!).

Still, when McKenna visits Violet, it ends up a strange experience. For some reason, she knows McKenna’s favorite pizza. When asked how she knows, Violet says she “cyber-stalked” her. Later on, McKenna snoops around, taking and sending digital photos of Violet’s room. We do get to know Violet a little better, with all of the information being somber or weird.

We learn that both of Violet’s parents are dead and that, apparently, she has some sort of psychic gift. Creepily, Violet puts her hands on McKenna’s forehead, reading her mind as she sleeps. When McKenna wakes up, Violet knows McKenna’s sister’s name.

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Seriously, though:  If you attend a sleepover and are awakened by someone touching your forehead, you are either going to love the experience or feel very creeped out. McKenna probably finds it strange.

That’s it for this Light as a Feather recap! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!