This is Us experiences ratings low during Thanksgiving week


NBC still won the night in the key demo 18-49 viewership but This Is Us still struggled.

As America prepared for their turkey dinners last week, one thing they didn’t do was watch television apparently – as evidenced by a series low viewership for This is Us.

The usual must-see-TV show saw a 10-percent dip in ratings from its November 20th showing. But don’t start freaking out about cancellation just yet. It was still the highest-rated show.

It’s completely understandable. I thought everything was on hiatus this week. Two of my favorite shows, Grey’s Anatomy (yes, I still watch it!) and How to Get Away with Murder had their fall finales last week, meaning they won’t return until after the new year. And with a holiday week, you can count on Thanksgiving specials airing in the place of your typical shows.

Other shows like rating juggernaut The Voice also saw a rating drop this week. It dropped 13 percent in the 18-49 age range from last week.

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The only show that didn’t experience any movement was the new series New Amsterdam, which stayed even in the ratings. All three shows helped NBC win the night among the other networks in the much-sought-after 18-49 demographic.

Even though this little snag in the ratings isn’t a huge deal, it still makes me wonder.

When I talk to my friends and family about this season, we all agree it hasn’t been as good as the first two seasons.

Maybe the show lost a little bit when they revealed how Jack died. Maybe the storyline just isn’t as interesting.

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I’m choosing to look at it with a glass-half-full approach. Life goes through hills and valleys. Some years are boring; some are exciting. So, maybe This is Us is more true-to-life than we think!

What do you think? Are you still into This is Us?

Source: Deadline