The Walking Dead actor happy about departure from show


The Walking Dead midseason finale suffered another departure.


Typically, when a long-running The Walking Dead character is written out of the show or killed off, the actor is typically expected to show sadness at leaving and say how grateful they are for their time on the show. However, most actors are not Tom Payne.

The death of Payne’s character Jesus at the hands of the Whisperers during last Sunday’s mid-season finale came as a big shock to viewers given that Jesus is still alive in the comics.  The same could not be said for Payne.

In an interview with THR, Payne openly admits his increasing frustration with the writers (let’s be honest, he wasn’t the only one) because he felt he wasn’t given much to do considering the fighting skills of Jesus.  These aggravations seemingly came to a head last season with Payne saying “They were aware I wouldn’t be unhappy if they got rid of me. I expressed unhappiness last season. I was very frustrated with what the character had been doing.”

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According to Payne, when The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang informed of what was going to happen, he told her was okay with it “as long as it has a cool ending”, which Payne felt they delivered on. “It was a mutual thing, and I was really happy about it.”

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Season 9 of The Walking Dead will return to AMC on February 10th.

How did you feel about the death of Jesus?  Was Tom Payne right to be frustrated with the writers? Be sure to give us your thoughts in the comment section below.