Could Madison Clark return to Fear The Walking Dead?


Kim Dickens, who played the former star of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead, spoke recently at Walker Stalker Con about a possible return for her character. Will FTWD get Madison back?

Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead was a bit strange, feeling like a different show altogether from what we’d seen from the previous, much better Season 3. Not only was Nick (Frank Dillane) killed off, but so was Madison–and that was in the first half of the season! The shows two main stars were killed off and Morgan from The Walking Dead, and sole survivor of the Clark family, Alicia, stepped in.

Madison heroically sacrificed herself by luring the walkers into the baseball stadium as a distraction and then blowing them up, along with herself. It’s always possible that Dickens could return in a cameo by way of a dream or mirage that Alicia or Strand are having. Dead characters return all the time on both shows and I’m not talking about as walkers.

But it is interesting that we didn’t actually see Madison die onscreen. Yes, it looked bad–very, very bad–but until you see it before your eyes, there are no guarantees. It felt like the writers were thinking to themselves, “What if this backfires? Should we leave this death extremely open-ended in case our show’s ratings tank and we want to bring Madison back?”

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Talking with’s Brandon Davis about a Madison return, Dickens replied that she really had no clue.

"“I’m definitely working on other things, and I think that’s part of this genre, that you lose characters unexpectedly sometimes.”"

No, seems to be the answer. The way I interpret her reply, Dickens hasn’t been contacted for any sort of return and Fear has moved on without her character. Although revealing a return would be best left for a surprise, wouldn’t it? Is it possible for a return down the road, at least as a dream? Yes, definitely, and I’d even bet that does occur. But as far as a permanent Madison return, I wouldn’t count on it.

Characters do die unexpectedly sometimes, she’s definitely right. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) upcoming death (or at least permanent leave of absence) would’ve been so shocking that the producers decided to announce it in advance. It’s crazy how much the death of T.V. show characters has affected loyal audiences, and some shows never recover.

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While I think Fear will continue to survive without its former main character, it is definitely in need of some improvements.

Taking part in other projects, Kim Dickens will appear in the Showtime pilot for Queen Fur and will reprise the role of Joanie Stubbs in the upcoming Deadwood movie.  

She still remains a fan of Fear, particularly of her former castmates.

"I love the show. I love my castmates. I was super proud of Colman for directing. I thought it was an incredible episode [412, ‘Weak’]. It’s still in my heart.”"

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