Runaways: Marvel releases official trailer for Season 2


Marvel’s Runaways will finally see the kids run away.

While many fans were disappointed Runaways didn’t have the kids live up to their name until the closing moments of the season one finale, it appears like the show won’t be making that mistake again. The new trailer for the upcoming season is action-packed compared to the slow burn from last year. About two minutes long, there are plenty of moments to get look forward to.

Minor spoilers below for the Runaways comics! 

The opening shot of the trailer picks up immediately where last season ended, with the kids running away. Everyone is sprinting at full speed, except Gert, who is stuck pushing Old Lace in a shopping cart. One has to wonder why none of her friends, or her super strong sister, wouldn’t volunteer to help out. Then again, it’s still exciting to get a glimpse of the beloved dinosaur in the short video.

Next up is Pride, assembled together and working towards a common goal: find their children. Co-creator Stephanie Savage teased the relationship between the parents and their kids this season to Entertainment Weekly.

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"“This year is much more the cat-and-mouse [game] and the two sides going to war.”"

In the trailer, we can see Pride in a new lair full of high tech surveillance constantly scanning for the kids. Last season, all of the parents, with the exception of the Wilders and the comatose Victor Stein, teamed up against Jonah. In the latest scenes, it seems like the Wilders have come around and joined the remaining members of Pride. However, it doesn’t seem like their will be a happy reunion between the families. Multiple shots in the trailer show the kids facing off the trailer, with Tina Minoru laying a beatdown on Molly.

The same interview with EW has the other creator, Josh Schwartz talk about the kids’ new hideout. In the comics, they take refuge at a place called the Hostel and it’s a beloved place for many comic book readers. We get a glimpse of it in the trailer, and EW got some first look photos from the new home. The set for the Hostel is apparently the largest one built by Marvel Television, and apparently the creator of the original comic, Brian K. Vaughan, immediately loved it.

"“It’s in Griffith Park. It was originally built in the 1920s by a magician. It was lived in for many years, [but] perhaps sometime in the ’60s or ’70s there was an earthquake or mudslide that made it uninhabitable. We wanted it to be our equivalent of, like, the Batcave.”"

Comic book readers may also notice the new character, Topher, pop up in the trailer. In the books, Topher is a vampire who infiltrates the group after pretending his two minions are his manipulative parents. His eyes change light up similarly to Molly, so it’s unclear whether he’ll still be a vampire on the show or something else.

The other large question looming throughout the trailer is the identity of the mole. Based on the video, it seems like Karolina will be the prime suspect. She spends a good chunk of time learning about herself from Jonah and Alex questions whether she’s hiding something. However, in the comics, Alex is the one who actually ends up being the mole. Considering Runaways might not be following the source material, any of the kids could end up being the real culprit.

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Fans will probably be talking about the most explosive moment from the trailer for a while: Nico’s final shot with the staff. Her eyes have a similar look to Doctor Strange‘s Kaecilius. While the show originally said they weren’t allowed to use magic, it’s possible Marvel changed their mind. Many viewers found the idea of Nico’s staff being the product of technology rather than magic just a bit ridiculous.

Nevertheless, viewers will have to wait to find out what’s going on with  Nico until December 21. The second season will drop on Hulu, with all of the episodes made available to streaming immediately.

Are you excited for Runaways season 2? Be sure to tell us in the comics below!