Light as a Feather season 1, episode 5 recap: …Mad as a Hatter


Episode 5 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather delves deeper into Violet’s strange powers. We don’t yet know what she is, but it’s definitely not normal.

Light as a Feather has established that Violet Simmons (Haley Ramm) is not your average high schooler. In fact, McKenna Brady (Liana Liberato) stayed over at Violet’s house as part of a fact-finding mission.

Given a recent mysterious death, McKenna and her gal pals seriously think Violet may be a witch, or something else.

When McKenna wakes up, it at least proves that violet won’t instantly kill her. Still, we see signs of Violet having problems, and not just mental ones. Her back is considerably worse now, looking downright diseased.

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If that’s not enough, a fingernail comes off! Obviously, something’s not going right for her. Aside from the death of Olivia (Peyton List), which was eerily predicted by Violet, her presence seems to be troublesome in general.

Alex (Brianne Tju) was grounded for pills found in her bag during dance class, and she also won an
in-school suspension. While it’s possible she uses pills, she did look genuinely surprised to find them in her bag.

In other words, it seems like someone is sabotaging her, and most signs point to Violet.  Also quite odd: Violet has a shrine to Marc Regan, who had jumped off a bridge. That doesn’t mean she’s necessarily guilty, but it’s definitely an odd thing to find.

Spy vs. Spy

About halfway through the episode, it seems Violet is aware of the others plotting against her. As the race for class president pits Violet against Candace (Ajiona Alexus), it seems almost obligatory for a scandal to break out.

This is done by Violet, who seems to purposely live broadcast Candace’s admission to “hooking up” with Isaac (Brent Rivera), Olivia’s boyfriend.

This basically kills her chance of becoming class president, which means Violet is the sure winner. Meanwhile, Trey (Jordan Rodrigues) visits Mrs. Regan (Harley Graham), Marc’s mom. However, she’s not very talkative, to say the least. Later, Henry is upset that Mack’s talking to Trey, as Trey drove the car that killed his sister. Drama!

Violet the life-siphoner?

The freakiness escalates on Light as a Feather. We see a bunch of bugs in McKenna’s food, seemingly conjured out of thin is. Then, of course, Violet talks to Alex about losing her dance gig, thanks to those wretched pills.

By this point, it seems Violet’s just rubbing it in. On top of that, Violet handily wins the election. Shortly afterward she threatens Candace. However, Candace isn’t too shy to freak out, publicly accusing Violet of killing Olivia.

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Though McKenna wishes to “have one normal night without something crazy happening,” those hopes are dispensed with quickly again. It seems another death is imminent.

When Violet kisses Isaac, Isaac finds out Violet was spying on Henry and McKenna, via hidden camera. However, Violet gets Isaac to touch her back wound and it seems to kill him (while healing her wound). It’s strongly hinted that she can siphon a person’s life essence, essentially leaving them an empty husk after the deed is done. Again, she’s not your average high schooler.

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