The Good Place season 3 midseason finale recap: Janet(s)


The Good Place fall finale took the gang to places they’ve never been before.

I think I just figured out why I love The Good Place so much. It’s D’Arcy Carden. She is the best and most underrated actor on the show.

I may be feeling the love for her even more so because I just listened to her episode of Dax Shepherd’s Armchair Expert podcast today. (Side note: Listen to Armchair Expert. It’s fantastic!) She’s also a bright spot on HBO’s Barry.

So, if you’re like me and love Carden, you’re going to enjoy the fall finale of The Good Place because there’s like a million Janets – OK, maybe only five.

After the gang escapes the demons, Janet puts them all in her void, which is some dimension in place and time that’s not earth or the afterlife. And when they show up in Janet’s void, they’re all… Janet.

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At first, Michael and the real Janet can’t tell them apart. But Jason gives it away by being amazed by his boobs.

After Janet dresses them in their regular clothes, she and Michael head to the account’s office, which is, what you can imagine, the most boring place in the universe. They meet Indifferent Janet (the Black Sheep of the Janets) who takes them to the Head Accountant Neil, played by the delightfully dry Stephen Merchant.

As Neil shows Michael and Janet how the points system works and how it’s impossible to tamper with, Michael suspects something isn’t right. He brings up Doug, who does nothing but perform selfless acts, and finds out he isn’t even getting into the Good Place.

What the fork?

Michael how many people have gotten into the Good Place in the last year.


In the last three?


It has been over 500 years since someone has gotten into the Good Place. It’s clear someone is tampering with the point system.

Meanwhile, in Janet’s void, Eleanor-Janet tries to make Chidi-Janet come to terms with the feelings he had for her in one point in time. The more Eleanor-Janet pleads with him, the less she comes sure of herself – meaning the more vulnerable she becomes, the less she knows who she is. She literally becomes different people.

Chidi-Janet finally gives in and kisses her, and it’s adorable. They become themselves again. But now that they have turned back into themselves, Janet “pukes” them all up into the accountant’s office.

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The only problem is, they are inter-dimensional fugitives. Michael can’t find anyone else to save them. He’s going to have to do it themselves.

They all escape through a green glass tube and end up in THE GOOD PLACE!

So, that’s it! We’re finally going to get to see the actual Good Place.

We’ll pick this up again in the new year!

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