The Good Place: season 3, episode 8 recap: Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By


The Good Place this week was one of the best of the season so far. There was action, emotion, comedy, drama, and even a cliffhanger.

On The Good Place, The gang is in Canada so that Michael and Janet can visit Doug, the guy who got high and came close to figuring out the afterlife as they know 40 years ago.

Yeah, I didn’t remember him either. I thought it was Eleanor’s dad. ::shrugs::

Michael McKean plays Doug, who lives in a cabin by himself and lives his life just to accumulate points to ensure that he gets into the Good Place.

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The whole beginning sequence reminded me of the Lost episode “Man of Science, Man of Faith” when we first see Desmond down the hatch, and he plays Mama Cass’ “Play Your Own Kind of Music.” Where my Losties at?!

Michael and Janet want to know how his system works.

He eats a diet of raw radishes and lentil because they leave the least amount of a carbon footprint. He even drinks his own piss. Excuse me while I throw up.

I’m back.

As Michael and Janet ask Doug more questions, they realize that Doug is in over his head and doesn’t actually live his life but lives to get into the Good Place.

Before they leave, they try to convince him to loosen up and live a little. But Doug tells them he can’t because what if he lets his guard down for one second and that’s the point difference that doesn’t get him into the Good Place?

I’m starting to think if anyone is actually in the Good Place anymore. If one needs a certain amount of points, is the number so high that it’s impossible to reach in this day and age? I consider myself a good person and I think I live a decent life.

Am I perfect? No. But the thought of me missing my chance at eternal happiness because I didn’t hold open enough doors or forgot to say “please” or “thank you.” Has got me shook. This show is making me think! How dare a network comedy make me think!

OK, back again.

While Michael and Janet are with Doug, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason are waiting in a bar.

Eleanor clearly has feelings for Chidi and tries to tell him about them being in love in some other space and time. But as she begins, she notices demons surround them. But how did they get to earth? Head Demon’s bootleg door to the afterlife, of course!

As the demons have them right where they want them, in walks Michael and Janet and the most epic fight scene ensues.

Janet is badass. Sure, she’s technically artificial intelligence, but she totally kicked every demon’s ass back to hell. And in all the chaos, Eleanor tells Chidi that she loves him. I mean, they might die again, so YOLO! Am I right?

After they defeat those demons and Shawn is tied up, Michael starts to suspect that something is wrong with the point system. Exactly what I was thinking! He decides he will go to the accountant’s office to find more evidence. He tells the gang to head to Doug’s cabin because it’s empty. He’s walking to donate money to a snail charity.

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But just then more demons walk into the bar, so Janet puts the four humans in her void.

I can’t wait to see Janet’s void next week!

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