Fandom 250: The Outlander fandom snags a spot in the top 25!


The Outlander fandom is one of the strongest and most loyal in the bunch according to Fandom 250!

Outlander is first and foremost a novel that was first published in 1991. The author, Diana Gabaldon, forever changed the lives of the fandom with the unique time-traveling romance. This is precisely why this fandom is one of the most loyal and longest lasting of the bunch.

In the FanSided Fandom 250, Outlander ranked 22nd in the category of television and 227 overall. Making it in the top 25 is an impressive feat, and it’s all thanks to the amazing group of fans that have been by Outlander’s side since 1991 and beyond.

Whether or not you are an O.G. fan or became one after the show premiered on Starz, you are among a group of some dedicated folks. Fans of all ages flock to conventions to catch a glimpse of the cast and author Diana Gabaldon. If you’ve ever been to one, you know exactly what we’re referring to.

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But that’s not where the love stops. In fact, the Outlander fandom is so dedicated that many make a vacation out of it. How so? If you don’t know this already, then let us be the first to tell you how deep the love goes. Scotland has become a premier destination for the fandom to visit filming locations–castles, small towns, etc.

Tours have been designed solely around the series, how amazing is that? Have you ever met such a loyal and hardcore fandom? Apart from travels, the fandom is also very active on Facebook. In fact, podcasts, Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts have been made to celebrate the love between Claire and Jamie, and the entire Outlander story.

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It’s an amazing bunch of people, and this fandom is one of the strongest and most enthusiastic of them all. Because of the fans, the novels gained so much popularity, and now the series. Without the fandom, the story, characters, and series would not be what it is.

Congratulations to this beautiful, dedicated fandom for snagging a spot in the Fandom 250!