Outlander season 4, episode 5 recap: Savages


The Outlander reunion we were all waiting for–and it was just as beautiful as Claire and Jamie’s.

Outlander gave us an epic episode this week, and honestly, I still can’t stop thinking about it. So, if there’s a chance you have not seen the episode yet, please stop reading because I would not want to spoil this for anyone! This week was all about reunions, potential future reunions, and a whole lot of bloodshed. Did I mention a fire too?

But first things first, thank you to the genius masterminds behind Outlander for this episode because it gave us ::drum roll:: MURTAGH! Yes, Murtagh.

The last we saw of this beautiful human being was in Ardsmuir Prison, and now here he is in Woolam’s Creek working as a blacksmith. I won’t lie when I say that seeing Jamie and Murtagh reunite was just as epic as Jamie and Claire’s reunion. So why is he in North Carolina? How did this all happen? Don’t worry, we’ll get there.

Before we break down Murtagh’s return, let’s start at the beginning of the episode. You know, when Claire and Adawehi were chatting it up in different languages while collecting herbs.

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They have a connection despite the language barrier, and it’s very inspiring to watch. During their conversation, Adawehi asked Claire if she’s a mother.

Of course, she responds yes but that her daughter is far, far away. Or is she? Clearly, Adawehi knows something because she tells Claire that Brianna is here. Like here in her heart or like physically where they are? I think we know the answer to this question.

There’s been a bit of a tiny time jump since the last episode, and this week we see that Fraser’s Ridge is coming together rather nicely.

In fact, Claire and Jamie’s cabin is exactly as Jamie promised it would be! It’s all very cute, domesticated, and a much-needed break from all the madness that is their lives. But of course, there can never really be calm in their lives can there?

We’re not sure why Outlander allows for Jamie and Claire to part for long periods of time but alas it happens again. Not in the “I’m returning to my time” kind of way, of course. But Jamie has a lot of land and needs tenants to occupy it.

He has one hell of a deal and he and Ian plan to go into Woolam’s Creek to recruit some settlers. Of course, this means leaving Claire behind. However, she has a pregnant woman to look after, so she’ll be fine–right?

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As Jamie and Claire say goodbye, Jamie asks her about a birthmark on Brianna’s neck. Claire is taken aback at Jamie knowing this random piece of information, but it turns out he saw her in his dream. Or did he? Is it just visions of her showing up? Eeeep!

Jamie and Ian show up in town looking for a silversmith but end up finding his lonely wife instead. Mind you, she’s hardcore flirting with Jamie and being suggestive, but Jamie is a champ and powers through. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only roadblock Jamie has during his visit. When he tries to recruit settlers, he finds that no one wants to accept his deal.

It turns out that they have been privy to ridiculous taxes and can’t afford to pay them. They’ve lost land and their lives over this issue, and they’re not looking into getting in bed with the Crown.

Disheartened, Jamie and Ian decide to return home but then run into a problem with their horse’s bit.

Now, Ian has to find the blacksmith who can help repair the bit so they can leave. Enter, Murtagh the blacksmith. Of course, Ian has no idea what Murtagh looks like and is displeased with his attitude and desire to overcharge him.

When Jamie learns of the overpayment, he rushes into the blacksmith’s shop–and then, well the rest is history. As Jamie starts yelling at Murtagh, you can see the excitement in Murtagh’s eyes because he knows who stands right behind him.


Naturally, they catch up on their lives and we learn that Murtagh was a servant for about 12 years after Ardsmuir. He ended up with a blacksmith and learned the ins and outs of the trade. Jamie is ecstatic to learn this because he wants to forge a new ring for Claire out of his mother’s candlestick.

When Murtagh asks what for and Ian responds that Jamie wants it for his wife, there’s an assumption made that Jamie got married again. Oh, Murtagh, you still have so much to learn! Sending Ian away, Jamie fills Murtagh in about everything that’s happened and how Claire returned after 20 years. He gushes about Brianna and her education, and it’s all just so freaking adorable we could just pinch Jamie’s cheeks.

Jamie comes to learn that Murtagh is the one leading the resistance against Lord Tyron. Ugh, this sucks because now Jamie can’t have Murtagh come live in Fraser’s Ridge! Well, he could but naturally, Murtagh has a movement to lead and for now, they are on opposite sides of the matter.

While this reunion is taking place, Claire is busy delivering a baby and tending to a woman named Petronella. A beautiful moment turns dark when the Cherokee show up at the creek nearby to collect water. Petronella’s father, Gerhard, is not down with them taking the water and immediately pulls out his rifle to shoot.

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Claire manages to talk the situation down and bring peace between the two sides reminding the Cherokee she’s friends with Adawehi. Before leaving, one of them sprinkles something into the water as a blessing. But Gerhard does not see it that way, he believes they’ve just been cursed.

A few days later, the pastor shows up at Fraser’s Ridge bearing news that Petronella and the baby have died from a case of the measles. And basically, Gerhard is pissed off and out for Claire’s blood because of it. He warns Claire that Gerhard may show up at her doorstep, but she tells him it’s all good because she has a gun and Jamie will be back soon. Sorry, Claire, he’s chilling with his godfather.

However, when Gerhard does show up, he’s not looking to hurt Claire at all. Because he’s already handled the situation for them. Uhhh, come again Gerhard? And as Claire inquires as to what he is alluding to, he pulls out a cloth with a scalp inside–Adawehi’s scalp. Nooooo! He believes that by killing Adawehi, he has removed the threat of any curses, but he’s just done goofed.

Claire tries to give Adawehi a proper burial, rather her scalp a burial as the scene switches to arrows of fire being shot at a cabin. For a moment it feels like this is the moment that Claire will die in a fire, but it’s actually Gerhard’s cabin that is being shot. The Cherokee are seeking revenge for Adawehi’s death and kill both Gerhard and his wife.

But wait, we still have the most important part of this Outlander episode to discuss. In the present or whatever we want to call it, Roger goes to Inverness to figure out what Brianna went. Remember, he learned that she went to Scotland to see her mother? He ends up finding a note that she left him which was meant to be sent to him a year later, but the innkeeper felt he should have it now.

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And it was as we presumed, Brianna has decided to go through the stones. And she does, she actually does. Ahhhh, did that just happen?! Will Roger go after her? Will he be able to? So many questions!

Jamie finally returns to Fraser’s Ridge after everything Claire has gone through and learns what has happened in his absence. This is why you shouldn’t be leaving Claire behind, mister! But hey, at least Claire knows about Murtagh too now. And if she didn’t believe it, she saw it with her own eyes when he shows up at Fraser’s Ridge. These reunions were the best, weren’t they?

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