The Umbrella Academy: Netflix releases a teaser trailer for upcoming series


Check out the first teaser trailer for Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy!

Marvel may have dominated the conversation this week with their trailers for Avengers: Infinity War and Runaways, Netflix is ready to get in on the fun. The highly anticipated adaptation of the hit graphic novel, The Umbrella Academy, released its first teaser on Twitter today. With the cancellation of three of the Netflix’s Marvel series, this latest superhero show is bound to get fans excited.

Warning: Minor spoilers from the graphic novel below.

The trailer treats us to a brief glimpse of almost every one of the Hargreeves children. In 1989, Sir Reginald Hargreeves or The Monocle (played by Colm Feore) adopted seven gifted kids. However, he’s not the most loving father and instead gives each of them a number in order of importance.

Number 1 is Luther (Tom Hopper), otherwise known as Spaceboy, is the first kid we see. The only footage we see on his panel is Luther before his operation. Graphic novel fans know he has a disastrous space exploration which ends with him getting his head transplanted onto the body of a gorilla. Luckily, we do see him in space, which confirms the show will be heading in that direction.

Next up is Number 2 (David Castañeda), who goes by both The Kraken and Diego. He’s dressed in all black, which makes sense because Diego is the most like a vigilante/assassin than the others. Also, he’s holding onto a trusty knife, his weapon of choice in most circumstances. While his older brother has super strength, Diego can hold his breath for an infinite amount of time.

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Third on that list is oldest sister Allison, or The Rumor (Emmy Raver-Lampman). She’s pretty, popular, and quite a bit full of herself. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because she can alter reality based on her lies. It should be an interesting power to see come to life on screen.

Genre fans will be ecstatic to know Misfits‘ Robert Sheehan will be playing Number 4: Klaus or The Séance. He looks a bit crazy in his panel, which makes sense because Klaus is a bit crazy. Oddly, his powers only work when he’s not wearing shoes. What are they exactly? Klaus has a handful of abilities including telekinesis, talking to the dead, and levitation.

The youngest member of the cast is Aidan Gallagher, who takes on the fifth Hargreeves child known simply as The Boy. While appears to be only ten years old, he’s actually much older than that. He traveled fifty years into the future, however, it took him about another fifty years to learn how to return to his regular time. Unfortunately, any aging he did in that time period was undone when he managed to get back to the proper year. This left him with the consequence of being permanently stuck in the body of a ten-year-old despite his emotional maturity. Also, to complicate things, he is considered one of the most proficient assassins of all time.

Skipping ahead, The Umbrella Academy gives us the final sibling or Number 7. This is none other than Ellen Page’s Vanya, or The White Violin, who begins the series with no powers. She’s estranged from her siblings because of this but is an extremely gifted musician.

As for Number 6, Ben or The Horror, he started out The Umbrella Academy graphic novels already dead. It appears like Netflix plans to have him work in the same capacity since he’s not seen in the trailer. Throughout the comics, he can be seen in visions, dreams, and sometimes as a statue so it’s possible he shows up in the series in one way or another.

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For the last character, we get a brief glimpse of Dr. Pogo, the talking chimp who assists the Hargreeves children. He’s especially close with Vanya and Luther, so undoubtedly fans will get to see him bond with those two the most.

Finally, the trailer closes with the family fighting some cataclysmic force. Could the show be following the comics’ first arc? Or is there a different evil lurking in this world for the Hargreeves to deal with? Considering we know the assassin duo comprised of Cha-Cha (Mary J. Blige) and Hazel (Cameron Britton) will also cause problems for the family, anything is possible.

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