That’s What She Said: Joanne Lipman bestseller picked up for series


Joanne Lipman’s bestseller, That’s What She Said, is being developed into a dramatic series.

Joanne Lipman’s bestselling 2018 book, That’s What She Said: What Men Need to Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together, details the work experiences of the former USA Today editor-in-chief and outlines a plan for gender parity in the workplace. The narrative in the book follows her rise to the top as she navigates institutional sexism in the workplace and the strategies she advocates to mobilize men to work with women to achieve gender parity.

It sounds like the perfect groundwork for an intelligent and thoughtful dramatic series, entertaining as well as educational and inspiring. If done correctly, it would be a wonderful teaching aid for both men and women to help them work together and move toward closing the gender gap and to educate those who don’t believe there is one. The book is filled with studies and statistics that make it impossible to deny the existence of a gender gap or to have those inequalities “simply mansplained away.” I hope the series manages to include these illuminating facts as well as the steps that can be taken to implement change.

Red Arrow has optioned the book and will work with Charlie Lyons and Anonymous Content to script the series. No broadcaster or writers are yet attached to the project, but discussions with potential writers are underway.

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“Joanne’s work is timely and insightful, offering a nuanced exploration of gender politics in the workplace and how we can collectively progress in the wake of #MeToo,” said Carlo Dusi, executive vice president of commercial strategy for scripted at Red Arrow Studios International. If Dusi’s words are anything to go by, it sounds like the series is intended to be as enlightening and powerful as Lipman’s book.

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Source: Variety