Marvel’s Runaways season 2, episode 3 recap: Double Zeros


Alex suffers a huge betrayal on this episode of Marvel’s Runaways.

“Double Zeros” gives us a new look at the Wilder family. Last season, we got some background about who they were before Jonah came into the picture. Geoffrey was a gang boss who was respected by the entire neighborhood while Catherine was a defense attorney on the rise. However, Runaways shows us there’s a lot hiding beneath the surface when it comes to this power couple.

Alex is acclimating to life at Darius’ and he’s really beginning to feel like he’s found a place. It’s sweet to see him playing dominos like a regular kid, however, we know the other shoe is going to drop soon. Darius made a deal with Geoffrey towards the end of the last episode. At least, this will probably send Alex back to his friends sooner rather than later.

Back at the Hostel, Molly is returning from a night out of crime fighting. She’s certainly embracing heroism, especially after saving a woman from her abusive boyfriend. After crawling back into her room, she’s busted by a worried Nico who had been waiting. It’s a bit funny to see Nico take on the role of den mother to the rest of the group. Nonetheless, she agrees not to tell Gert about Molly’s extracurriculars and allows her to skip training to get some sleep.

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The rest of the teens aren’t exempt though, as they’re all dragged out of bed. At first, things seem to be going well. Karolina easily showcases her newfound control, Chase sets fire to one of their training dummies, and Nico blocks some shots by the fistigons. Unfortunately, she gets too confident, and one more shot from Chase sends her flying into the next room. Initially, she angrily goes after him but Karolina intercepts her.

At the Church of Gibborim, Frank is loving his new life as the head of the organization. We saw in the season two premiere that he’s a narcissist who loves the spotlight. He’s basking in the attention as he receives compliment after compliment from members of the church. However, he takes a break to talk to his estranged life and beg for them to be a family again. Frank claims he’s playing Jonah to try and defeat him. Leslie doesn’t seem entirely convinced but she definitely wants to believe him.

Unfortunately, Jonah interrupts the two from completely reconciling. Frank quickly takes his leave and Jonah accuses Leslie of working against him. She pretends to still hate Frank and promises she’s loyal to Jonah. He seems to believe her for now, but she’ll have to remain vigilant to stay on his good side.

Meanwhile, Alex spends the afternoon with Livvy at the farmer’s market. She’s made a balm to help treat his braids and reveals her product has become popular enough she’s hoping to make a living out of it. The two share an intimate moment before Darius shows up to bring him on a new job.

Without Alex, the Runaways seem to be falling apart. Chase points out they can’t just train because they need a game plan. Nico quickly dispels the idea, mainly because she’s furious Alex has abandoned them. Molly agrees with Chase and Karolina thinks they’re like a family missing a piece without him. Gert shuts down Karolina with a dig against her religion which has Chase tell her to calm down. Things become very aggressive quickly with Gert feeling like Chase is taking Karolina’s side, something which she’s always been insecure about. Eventually Gert leaves to be with Old Lace, and Chase takes Molly on a mysterious mission.

Mainly, it’s just a way for Chase to use her powers as a human car jack and ask for advice about her sister. He’s worried that he’s just making things harder for her by being around. Molly thinks that’s ridiculous, and encourages him to be supportive as she adjusts to the lack of medication. Chase thanks her for the help, but that’s a big responsibility for a teenager to take on. He definitely looks like he’ll need to think about this relationship for a bit.

Darius arrives at an abandoned warehouse with Alex, where he looks extremely regretful. Turns out Geoffrey Wilder is waiting there, ready to bring his son home. Geoff and Darius exchange some friendly banter regarding winning and losing. Darius receives the deed to the construction site, without knowing this is kind of a win-win for the Wilders. They don’t want that site anymore and it’s finally out of their hands. Geoff offers Darius a hotel suite as well and the two part on good terms.

In the car, Alex is able to call Nico so she can listen in on his conversation with his dad. She rallies the other Runaways into action so they can stop the Wilders from taking him away. All of the kids admit they miss their smartest member (except for Nico but actions speak louder than words). Thanks to Chase, they do have a car but need a little help starting it. Nico sparks the wires and Chase is able to get the car working.

They arrive at the airport just in time. Karolina blinds Geoffrey while Chase blasts him with the fistigons. They’re able to escape in the nick of time and return to the Hostel. Things don’t end as well for Darius though. He gets to the hotel suite where he’s greeted by Catherine. She’s right out of a spy thriller, calm and confident when she informs him he’ll be taking the fall for Alex’s murder rap. Runaways had a throwaway line about the Wilders being assassins earlier this season, and it looks like they really might be.

While Darius did sell out Alex, it’s still sad to see him murdered because he’s an easy fall guy. He had a baby on the way and ultimately didn’t seem like a terrible guy. Alex is also upset to learn about what happened but Nico is there to comfort him. Even though they might not be together anymore, there’s still a lot of love between the two and they can lean on each other.

Molly returns to that same pimp from earlier who is still beating his girlfriend. To teach him a lesson, she completely wrecks his car before returning back to their home. However, this time an angry Gert is waiting to confront her about her vigilante antics. Before Molly can answer, a new guy follows her in to say how awesome her heroics were. Turns out this is Topher, a character who comic book fans will know who he is.

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As for Jonah in this episode, he doesn’t get a lot to do since he needs to ask Janet for help. She agrees, mainly because she isn’t having any luck decrypting Jonah’s book. He agrees to let her talk to Victor after the genius scientist began acting violent and obstinate. She convinces Victor to help Jonah, in exchange for help figuring out what Jonah is. The two of them are able to do it together, and Janet is suddenly the most important member of PRIDE. As despicable as Victor was last season, it’s nice to know he’s the only one who acknowledges how intelligent Janet is compared to the other members of PRIDE.

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