Marvel’s Runaways season 2, episode 2 recap: Radio On


Runaways has an uneasy family reunion in the second episode of this season.

Is the earthquake because of PRIDE or just a typical natural disaster? This is California, so it’s a worthy question to ask. The Runaways want to know the same thing when the Hostel begins to collapse thanks to the earthquake from the premiere. Everyone gets to safety, with Molly saving her sister when they can’t make it to the others. While the building itself stays intact, it does leave the group on edge.

Especially when Nico realizes Karolina is missing. We know she’s been spending some time bonding with Jonah and learning about her powers. She shows up in time after the team searches the building with the excuse of going for a walk. No one seems to suspect her at this point, but they do distrust Alex. When he announces he’s going to a job, they’re immediately suspicious. Chase demands to know what this “job” is and even threatens to beat it out of him. Gert backs him up as well and gives Alex an earful about his comments regarding her loyalty to Chase.

Molly finally breaks, and tells Alex they need to be honest in order to avoid the mistakes their parents made. Alex relents and admits he’s been working for Darius. While the rest of the Runaways think this is a terrible idea, they are at least satisfied with his honesty. Definitely seems like Karolina could have come clean as well. However, her friends might not be so forgiving about her daily chats with Jonah.

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Back at PRIDE, the parents are also on edge because of the earthquake. Everyone has jumped to the worst case scenario: the oncoming destruction. Tina wants to know when Jonah plans to wake up Victor since he could turn off the drill permanently. Unfortunately, Janet has no idea because everyone (including Jonah) still see her as an unimportant member. Nevertheless, everyone gets to work to figure out what’s going on, with the exception of the Wilders who are on surveillance duty.

Janet does want some answers regarding Victor and she finally has her opening. Jonah needs the tech specs for the box, and she’s the only one who can get them. Before handing them over, she wants proof of Victor’s life. Jonah is more than happy to oblige, and even gives her some compliments to cement this alliance. However, when she offers to help out, Jonah politely declines in favor of Victor. Some things never change, right?

Meanwhile, Karolina, Nico, and Molly are heading to the Minoru’s in order to get the Staff of One. Using Karolina’s powers, they depower the smart house and head inside. Unfortunately, Robert and Tina are both waiting, since they knew their daughter would eventually show up. He attempts to emotionally manipulate Nico into coming back to fix the family. However, they don’t realize she knows PRIDE murdered Graciela. At this point, there’s no turning back so Nico invites the “bad cop” of her parents to come on out.

Instead of Robert’s emotional plea, Tina decides to go with brute force. The kids quickly face off against her, but don’t stand a chance. Tina is able to think faster than Karolina can use her powers, while Molly’s strength doesn’t pose that much of a threat when she gets sent flying. Tina throws Molly into the pool and then quickly covers it with a sheet of ice. Before Karolina can save her, Tina easily dispatches her as well. Nico desperately cries out, saying these monstrous actions were what led Amy to die.

Snapping out of her dark trance, Tina frees Molly and lets Karolina stand up. She goes to her daughter and says she has done many bad things but has never stopped loving her family. To prove it, Tina hands Nico the Staff and offers to let her walk free. However, if she leaves then they will no longer be family. Clearly, Tina underestimates the fury Nico has for both of her parents because she shocked to see her daughter actually choose to leave. She’s devastated and Robert is worried about whether the Staff will corrupt their daughter.

Molly needs to take a nap following the fight which gives Karolina and Nico a chance to catch up. It’s not a great conversation, with Nico blaming her for their lost fight. She thinks Karolina should’ve fought better, especially with her powers. Naturally, Karolina is furious because she did her best. If anyone to blame, it’s Tina Minoru for fighting them and giving Nico the ultimatum.

Luckily, they resolve their fight pretty quickly. Back at the Hostel, Nico decides they should all get some rest before training in the morning. She retires to a bedroom, but Karolina ends up coming in to apologize. However, Nico acknowledges she had lashed out and it wasn’t her fault. With these two back on the same side and sharing a bed, they’re definitely going to be a powerful couple for PRIDE to go up against.

They aren’t the only couple in this episode, with Gert and Chase finally defining their relationship. The two of them have probably had the most build-up and it’s immensely satisfying to see the two jump into a relationship. Not to mention, Chase has become a shoulder for Gert to lean on regarding her insecurities and anxieties through this process. His engineering ability has prepped him for living underground, and small things like a protein shake or getting the power back on is exciting.

While Gert gets the guy, she seems to have lost touch with her sister. Molly pushes her away towards this end of this episode, however, we see the real reason. She’s sporting her signature hat from the comics and heads out of the Hostel. Looks like Runaways has its first official superhero!

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At PRIDE headquarters, Catherine reveals to her husband they’ll have to frame someone for the murder of Destiny in order to clear the kids. She has the perfect “guilty” man in mind: Darius. He calls Geoffrey at the end of the episode to offer a trade for Alex. It’s a shame because Alex spends the whole episode with Darius, quickly loving the family life he has, and falling for his sister-in-law. Looks like things are going to get quite a bit complicated for the youngest Wilder.

Meanwhile, Janet is the one parent who comes out with a big win. She convinces Geoffrey to hand over the PRIDE book Catherine reads to learn more about Jonah. Once again, it seems like everyone has underestimated her intellect as she easily decodes the text.

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