American Gods season 2 releases first three minutes of season premiere


American Gods season 2 is coming in March 2019 and we have the first three minutes of the premiere for your enjoyment.

On Saturday, there was the huge marathon on Starz with the entirety of American Gods season 1 playing throughout the day. For those who watched, it all ended with a surprise — the first three minutes of the season 2 premiere.

American Gods season 2 sneak peek

After that, Starz offered it up on Twitter as well:

So, the first three minutes of the American Gods season 2 premiere is all about the follow-up to the season `premiere finale.

As a reminder, Wednesday (Ian McShane), Easter (Kristen Chenoweth) and Shadow (Ricky Whittle) faced off with the new gods of Media (Gillian Anderson), Techincal Boy (Bruce Langley) and Mr. World (Crispen Glover).

Wednesday wreaked havoc with lightning, revealing himself to be Odin, the king of the old world Norse Gods.

The trailer shows both Mr. World and Techincal Boy making it to an underground parking garage which has a hidden base. A military man comes out and welcomes Mr. World.

When Tech Boy wants to go wipe the floor with Wednesday/Odin, Mr. World puts him in his place, tells him to slow down, and says that they can’t win without Media — telling Tech to go find her.

What to expect from American Gods season 2

It is important to remember that the final battle in season 1 was the last time that we will see Gillian Anderson as Media.

In season 2, traditional Media (the television) is replaced by a new Social Media — which has honestly surpassed television in today’s society.

Kahyun Kim (Shameless) will portray Social Media and one wonders how Mr. World will react when he meets her and how Tech Boy will react when seeing a very different individual.

Season 2 will also see Wednesday/Odin try to get support from more of the reluctant old gods — or at least those remaining after people have begun forgetting them over the years.

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American Gods season 2 premieres on March 10, 2019, on Starz. Are you excited after seeing the first three minutes? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more on your favorite shows!