The Orville season 2 premiere recap: Ja’loja


The first season of The Orville saw Captain Ed Mercer lead his team as they explore the universe, while he dealt with working with his ex-wife. The full cast returns for more adventures in season 2.

The season premiere of The Orville opens with Ed drinking alone at the bar on the ship, down in the dumps, as seems to be his new norm.

Alara joins him and offers to be someone he can talk to. The vibe is strongly hinting at a possible future relationship between the two (something also hinted at last season). Alara has definitely shown more interest in Ed than he has in her. But here, Ed casually points out that they actually have a lot in common.

Before things get too far, Bortus asks to reroute the Orville to Moclus so he can have his annual urination. (Seriously, they only pee once every year. This is going to be an event.)

In a meeting between the top staff, Bortus explains the meaning behind the ceremony, saying that he wants them, as his close friends, to be there. There’s also a party, where they can all bring a date.

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After the meeting, Kelly visits Ed in his office. Ed misreads the situation as her wanting to try their relationship again, but Kelly tells him she’s already seeing someone else. She’s been in a relationship for about a month. She’s planning on bringing her new boyfriend to Bortus’ party.

Ed continues to try to convince Kelly that they should be together because they’re still in love. Kelly argues that their working relationship makes things too complicated. She uses the example of whether Ed would be able to send her on a dangerous mission over someone else if they were together. Ed argues that love should, essentially, conquer all.

The ship then reaches an outpost where they pick up Lieutenant Tyler, their new dark matter cartographer. Alara shows her around and Gordon is clearly enamored with her the moment he sees her.

As Tyler sits to get used to her new position next to Gordon, he stumbles over his words and babbles. It’s awkward.

Elsewhere, Isaac is teaching Claire’s son, Ty, to play the piano. Marcus brings in a new friend, James, he wants to hang out with. Claire doesn’t like him at all. He’s rude to Claire, but Marcus wants to be friends with him because “everyone at school likes him.”

Later at night, Marcus is with James who is tampering with the food synthesizer. They create a bottle of vodka and run off.

Gordon sits in the mess hall trying to pry information about his new coworker from Alara. He’s thinking about inviting her to the party. Alara suggests he talk to John since she has a bad history with relationships.

John agrees to help Gordon try to get Tyler to go to the party with him.

In a class, Marcus is shown slacking, clearly in an attempt to be more like James. Kelly comes in after the class is dismissed and kisses the teacher. Cassius is her new boyfriend on this season of The Orville.

Down in the shuttle bay, in a strange move, Ed decides to take a shuttle out for a drive alone.

Alara and Bortus have an awkward exchange where Bortus offers to order a single person under his command to go out with her. Apparently, it’s bad luck to attend his ceremony alone. Alara agrees to let Bortus set her up, as long as he doesn’t literally order the guy to do it.

On a date between Kelly and Cassius, she asks him to go to the ceremony with her. It’s a big step because they’re relationship had been private until now. While he’s hesitant, Kelly thinks Ed will be mature about it and everything will be fine.

Just then, Ed floats by in his shuttle and sees them making out. They decide to take their party to the simulator. However, when they get there, they find Marcus and James drinking vodka in the middle of the floor.

Next, we see Claire confronting Marcus about drinking and hacking the food synthesizer. While angry, Claire is simply trying to figure out why Marcus is acting out lately. Instead, Marcus gives her the silent treatment.

Back to Gordon’s attempt to get Tyler’s attention. John gets him a new jacket with a ton of zippers. This is supposedly cool.

Now we finally get to see who Bortus set Alara up with. It’s Dann, of “elevator music” fame from season 1. Alara seems hesitant and Dann thinks it’s because of the way he looks. After telling her that sometimes you have to look underneath the surface, Alara agrees to give it a try.

In Ed’s office, Kelly confronts him about driving by her room in the shuttle. She threatens to request a transfer if Ed can’t get over his feelings. Again Ed argues that, despite their work relationship, the fact that they love each other means they should be together.

Claire finally has a chance to talk to James’ parents. James’ parents reveal that James said that it was Marcus who hacked the synthesizer and stole the vodka. They claim Marcus is a bad influence and want him transferred from James’ class. Claire steps up to defend her son, but James’ parents think James is an angel. They agree to all attend a parent-teacher conference.

(Later, Isaac asks to attend so he can observe.)

Back in Kelly’s room, she’s upset that Cassius isn’t more disturbed with Ed’s behavior.

To get Gordon ready to approach Tyler, John takes him to the simulator so he can try talking to women in a bar. After getting Gordon to loosen up, John finally thinks Gordon is ready to talk to Tyler.

Then we get to see Alara ready for her date, dressed up and in a fancy restaurant. Dann decides to read her a poem he wrote. After prodding from Dan, Alara tells him her true thoughts on the poem. It’s…not good. She says she’s going to the bathroom as an excuse to get away from the situation.

Ed decides to go visit Cassius and he apologizes for the way he’s been acting. Cassius admits that he and Kelly fight and says he’s struggling in the relationship. Ed winds up giving him advice on how to get back on Kelly’s good side.

At the parent-teacher conference, Cassius (with some help from Isaac) proves that James has been hacking his grades. This also proves that James was the one who hacked the synthesizer. Isaac lays a smackdown and Claire is obviously very thankful. She asks him to attend the ceremony with her.

It’s finally time for Gordon to talk to Tyler. He completely chickens out without saying a word.

The Orville makes it to Moclus where Bortus completes his urination. At the party, Kelly forgives Cassius (unaware that his actions were thanks to Ed’s advice, of course).

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Other storylines wrap up with Gordon finding comfort in Dann’s poetry, Claire’s whole family thanking Isaac for his help and Ed back at the bar where he started the episode.

But this time, instead of Alara, Tyler joins him at the bar for a drink.

What are you looking forward to in this season of The Orville? Will Ed start dating someone this season? Or will he hold out for Kelly? Let us know in the comments.