15 Best Netflix original series of 2018: A Year in Review

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10. American Vandal, Season 2

American Vandal changed things up in season 2 and while some fans of the original series tuned out due to the subject matter, it was just as brilliant as the first season.

The second season debuted on Oct. 26, 2018, and saw the filmmakers leave the safety of their school for a private school that had a student email them for help proving the innocence of one of their friends.

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The crime? Someone was pulling pranks that involved poop — from spiking the lemonade in the cafeteria with laxatives to putting cat poop in the confetti gun for a pep rally.

As with the first season, there were twists and turns as the two friends could not agree on who their top suspects should be and the show moved from hilarious circumstance to awkward circumstance fluidly for the entire season.

It wasn’t as great as season 1, but it was better than most TV shows out there today. Sadly, Netflix chose to make season 2 the final one for this Netflix original series.

9. Orange is the New Black, Season 6

Six years seems like a very long time for a Netflix original series to air, but when it comes to one as successful as Orange is the New Black, it makes sense.

Season 7 will finally see the show come to an end, which is good since the star of the show, Taylor Schilling announced she is leaving.

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Orange is the New Black season 6 deals with the fallout from the prison riot that took place in season 5. The main story this season is a war between two prison cell blocks due to a rivalry between two sisters.

The sixth season was an improvement over the drop in quality the Netflix original series had experienced and the fact that Piper and Sophia are released, as is Blanca, who is taken into custody by immigration services, means that the final season will be very different.