15 Best Netflix original series of 2018: A Year in Review

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4. Glow, Season 2

The Netflix original series GLOW tells the story of the real-life ’80s women’s professional wrestling TV show that was both goofy and groundbreaking.

The Netflix story adds in some great touches of female empowerment and a story of women who stand together to reach their dreams and achieve their goals.

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It is also brutally funny and very deranged every step of the way. While it took a lot of liberties, WWE Hall of Famer Ivory — a woman who got her start in GLOW — said that is a good thing, as it made it much more entertaining to watch.

While the first season was critically acclaimed, the second was even better thanks to the established characters allowing more room for growth and even more humor added to make this one of the funniest shows on Netflix.

Netflix awarded GLOW with a third season renewal.

3. Big Mouth, Season 2

It is almost hard to believe, but Big Mouth might be the best adult animated television series of all-time — surpassing everything that can before.

Created by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg (with characters named after them), Big Mouth is about two adolescent boys trying to navigate the world of reaching puberty and trying to act normal around girls.

What makes this show so brutally funny is that their hormones are portrayed by monsters that only they can see — monsters who give them the advice to navigate through the world of adolescence.

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It doesn’t always work as Andrew, who is from a strict Jewish family, has a Hormone Monster who can’t stop getting him into trouble. Nick’s Hormone Monster is more dysfunctional than the boy he is there to guide. And, Nick’s sister’s monster is teaching her to lie, cheat and steal.

Add in a school teacher who is one step away from a child predator and the ghost of Duke Ellington dishing out some really bad advice, and there is plenty here to keep adult’s begging for more.

More is coming, as Netflix ordered a third season of Big Mouth.