Jessica Jones: Is Netflix trolling fans with new survey?


A new survey by Netflix seems to tease fans regarding the fate of Jessica Jones.

2018 was a bittersweet year for fans of the Netflix/Marvel showsDaredevilLuke Cage, and Iron Fist all enjoyed creative highs but received heartbreaking cancellations. The Punisher is debuting on January 18, and the late announcement regarding its premiere date makes it seem like this show will be the next to go. Now, Netflix appears to have teased the fate of their final Marvel show, Jessica Jones.

Reddit user u/mugscroll posted an image of a survey they received from Netflix at the end of December. It looks like Netflix is trying to gauge how upset fans are regarding the cancellation of Luke Cage and Daredevil as well as the reaction if Jessica Jones was to suffer the same fate.

While it’s possible the streaming service is genuinely trying to decide whether to keep the show, some fans took it as a bit cruel. With showrunner Melissa Rosenberg set to exit the series after this season, many have been preparing for the show to end. However, some are still holding out hope the series will be saved. Naturally, fans have been responding to the picture asking anyone who receives it to respond “very disappointed” on their behalf.

Netflix has cited one of the main reasons for the cancellations of their Marvel shows is the high cost of production. However, Jessica Jones requires the least amount of stunt work compared to the other fight heavy shows. In fact, the series is much more of a complex drama than a superhero show. While we don’t know the exact budget required to make the series, it does seem possible this could be the least expensive of the shows to produce.

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Nevertheless, no one will know how these surveys will actually effect Netflix’s decision making when it comes to the Netflix/Marvel shows. Fans will probably learn of The Punisher‘s fate pretty quickly after its January premiere date. As for Jessica Jones, season three is expected to return sometime this spring. It looks like fans hoping to sway the streaming service might have a couple of months to make their case.

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Source: Complex