A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3, episode 7 recap: The End


We bid farewell to A Series of Unfortunate Events as the story of the Baudelaires comes to a bittersweet close.

A Series of Unfortunate Events is officially over. Take a moment to let that sink in. The story of the Baudelaire orphans has come to an end, and I must say, the series finale was my favorite episode of the series. As the episode begins, we start off at a soda shop as a young girl is looking for someone. She wants to go to the Hotel Denouement, and oh, her name is Baudelaire.

As we reach the end of the series, Lemony reveals that the Baudelaire case has dried up. He does not know where to find them or where they went. Well, what we do know is that the kids made it off the hotel roof with Olaf. But after getting caught in a storm, their tiny little boat is shipwrecked and they end up on an island.

As they come to, they meet a girl named Friday who lives on the island. She says it’s storm scavenging day and that someone named Ishmael is in charge. Olaf being Olaf tries to take over the role of king but soon finds himself locked up in a birdcage. Ishmael tells the Baudelaires that they can’t get off the island just yet because they have to wait for the tide to rise high enough so a boat can get through.

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It looks like they’re stuck on the island for now, so they chug down a drink of cordial made of fermented coconut instead (yuck!). After assessing the state of the village, Violet gets an idea to make a water filtration system. However, Ishmael is completely against it and says they are happy the way they are. Seems like he’s mad suspect to me.

It turns out Ishmael is shady, and he’s been concocting that coconut drink to make the villagers forget their past. As they explored more of the island, the Baudelaires stumbled upon an area that has all the things that have washed up on shore. Furthermore, they find a huge tree with a house inside it. And as is the weirdness and coincidence of A Series of Unfortunate Events, they even find a book with their mother’s handwriting in it.

Ishmael shows up inside the tree house and it’s revealed that he started VFD. Apparently, the Baudelaires’ parents once lived in the tree house and when they decided to leave, Ishmael said he tried to warn them. He has power control issues which is why it turns out he has been controlling all the people on the island. How is he doing that? By mixing opiates with their drinks.

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In a weird turn of events, Kit washes up on shore unconscious and still very pregnant. Meanwhile, Olaf tries to threaten Ishmael with the fungus by hiding it under his shirt. Unfortunately for him, Ishmael shoots right at it and releases the fungus. Now, everyone is infected and the only way to get horseradish is to leave the island. Ishmael rounds up the troops to leave and does not heed Klaus’ warning that they won’t make it in time.

Once again, the fungus is starting to take the lives of the Baudelaire orphans as they start to lose consciousness. And as they start to take their final breaths, the Incredibly Deadly Viper shows up. He is carrying an apple that apparently carries the antidote and saves the orphans’ lives. Thanks to their mother, this cure exists and gives them life once again.

With them back to normal, the Baudelaires still had Kit to worry about. They ask Olaf to help them, and when he learns it’s for Kit, help he does. After exchanging a few words with Kit, Count Olaf passes away (yes, that does actually happen). Kit has her baby but doesn’t live long enough to watch her baby girl grow up. The task is left up to the Baudelaires who stay on the island for another year while they wait for the high tide.

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The cutest part of the ending of A Series of Unfortunate Events? We learn that Beatrice was their mom. How adorable is that? By the end, most things get closure as Duncan and Isadora are reunited with Quigley and we learn that the baby was named Beatrice after their mother. Once the high tide returns again, the Baudelaires leave the island with Beatrice, and well, the rest is unknown to us all. Perhaps, a happily ever after?

Remember that little girl from the beginning of the episode? She meets Lemony Snicket at the soda shop and we finally learn her identity–Beatrice Baudelaire! She begins to tell Lemony of all the adventures she had with Violet, Klaus, and Sunny as A Series of Unfortunate Events comes to an end.

What a way to end the series, don’t you think? Bittersweet and perfect.