A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3, episode 4 recap: The Grim Grotto: Part Two


A Series of Unfortunate Events ends the Grim Grotto chapter as Sunny’s life hangs in the balance.

A Series of Unfortunate Events gives us a slight panic attack as Sunny’s life comes dangerously close to ending. No thanks to the Medusoid Mycelium that made its way into her helmet, Sunny is slowly being suffocated by the fungus. Count Olaf, of course, could care less for her life. He just needs and wants one of them alive to get their for-chuun.

Instead of helping, Count Olaf locks up the Baudelaires and once again, it’s Fernald to the rescue. He has a soft spot for Sunny and when he learns the fungus may be taking her life, he helps the orphans escape. Thanks to Fernald and Violet’s inventive mind, a distraction is created so the orphans can make their way back onto the other submarine.

With time working against them, Klaus and Violet get Fiona’s help to figure out an antidote for the fungus. Unfortunately, no such cure exists. But does that stop them? Heck no! By putting their collective genius together, they come to the conclusion that horseradish will help. Of course, that isn’t exactly something that’s readily available.

Sunny is the one to suggest they use wasabi instead as it is a substitution for horseradish. Let’s not forget that Sunny is a world-class chef and knows exactly what substitutes for what. And it turns out Sunny was right! After finding wasabi in the cabinet and quickly taking a bite, the fungus dissipates from Sunny’s face and helmet.

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Not only did they manage to save Sunny’s life but the telegraph machine was also fixed. And just in time too because a message came through about meeting at the Last Safe Place on Thursday—aka Hotel Denouement.

Much to Klaus’ surprise, Fiona still won’t take the sub to the hotel. It appears she’s waiting for someone. And that someone is Fernald–her brother. His backstory is revealed at this point, and it’s interesting to see a different side to this character. A Series of Unfortunate Events doesn’t always reveal a lot about the past so it was great to see this happen with a side character.

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Once upon a time, Fernald was an apprentice at Anwhistle Aquatics. It is here he learned about the Medusoid Mycelium.

While he’s recalling the past and the fire that brought the center down, Olaf, Carmelita, and Esme show up and meet Fiona. And naturally, Carmelita’s snooping around leads her to the orphans hiding in the sub.

With Olaf cornering them once again, Fiona plays along and pretends to lock the orphans up in the brig. But she intends on letting the Baudelaires escape!

Things certainly won’t go well for her and her brother who is being grilled by Olaf over the betrayal. To appease him, Fernald tells him the location of the Last Safe Place.

Meanwhile, there is a shot of Quigley letting a flock of birds take away the sugar bowl. What is this darn sugar bowl’s significance?! As the Baudelaires detach the submarine from Count Olaf’s, they come up to the surface to find themselves back on Briny Beach. And guess who they bump into there? Mr. Poe, of course.

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But he’s not alone! Kit Snicket is with him as well and she offers to take the Baudelaires and promises them she’ll take them to VFD. It’s a much better alternative than going off with Mr. Poe once again, isn’t it?

And while the Baudelaires may have a tiny stroke of luck for the moment, Fernald and Fiona are not so lucky. Count Olaf locks them up and sets a course headed for the Last Safe Place. Ugh, will this horrible man ever go away?