Young Justice: Outsiders season 3, episode 4 recap: Private Security


The fourth episode of Young Justice: Outsiders is an emotional look at Dick Grayson and the outsiders from Markovia – Halo, Geo-Force, and Dr. Jace.

Will (formerly Speedy/ Red Arrow and a clone of the real Roy Harper) and Artemis Crock/ Tigress have been left in charge of Halo, the young Quraci refugee whom Artemis helped rescue in the previous episode of DC Universe’s Young Justice: Outsiders. Will is none too happy about this uninvited houseguest, and wonders aloud, ‘Where’s Dick?’. Dick Grayson/ Nightwing is the one who led the mission to Markovia in an effort to release captured meta-humans, so shouldn’t he be the one taking care of them?

Meanwhile, Conner Kent/ Superboy and M’gann M’orzz/ Miss Martian have taken banished Markovian Prince Brion Markov/ Geo-Force into their care, but unlike the peaceful Halo, Brion is in anguish over his circumstances. The superheroes are also perplexed by Dick’s disappearance as they watch Brion’s powers flare up whenever he’s in turmoil.

In Metropolis, Jefferson Pierce/ Black Lightning, who is keeping an eye on Dr. Jace, tries to call Dick, but it goes straight to voicemail. Where is this guy?

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Dick Grayson turns up at Bowhunter Security with two different Roy Harpers – one is the actual version, who goes by Arsenal, and the other is the fake ‘cousin’, Jim, who turned out to be another clone and donned the mantle of Guardian. The agency is run by Will, (Bowhunter, get it?) and Dick needs Will’s help in rescuing the meta-humans that were captured by Bedlam in the previous episode of Young Justice: Outsiders. But first, Will needs Dick, Roy, and Jim to help him out on a security job.

Artemis takes Halo to see Doctor Fate in an effort to get her memories back. Fate tells the girl that she has a very old soul in her young body but reveals little else. He is distracted as Zatanna arrives at the scene for her designated one-hour to meet her father who sacrificed himself to become the new host for Doctor Fate. It’s an emotional meeting between the two. Fate’s words conjure memories in Halo’s mind, but she doesn’t reveal any of them to Artemis.

The shipment of Goode VR that Dick and the Harpers Three (I have christened them this, DC Universe) are guarding is attacked by supervillain Brick and his men. Brick gets the better of them, trashing Will’s beloved SUV, before Roy and Jim despatch one lot of the bad guys. Now it’s up to Dick and Will to take down Brick, but they’ve got more than villains to deal with on this mission.

Brick and his men in Young Justice: Outsiders in episode 4 (Credit: DC Universe)

‘Kinda like old times, huh, Wall?’ Dick says to Will, who immediately accuses Dick of trying to use him as a Wally West replacement. ‘Is it just the red hair?’ he sarcastically asks Dick.

Will lays it on Dick straight – he believes Dick is using his grief over Wally’s death in the season two finale of Young Justice to offload the Markovian ‘strays’ on his friends so he can continue on his solo missions. What he needs is a reality check, one that would have been given to him by Wally had his best friend still been alive. He’s not, so Will’s the one to motivate Dick to rejoin the fold once again. ‘Your team needs you.’

Dick and Will debilitate Brick in one fell swoop, thereby saving the shipment. Dick acknowledges Will’s rebuke and agrees to help Brion, Halo and Dr. Jace while they are refugees. But all that will have to wait as Bowhunter Security have one more stop to make.

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The final scene of this heart-breaking and pulsating fourth episode of Young Justice ends with Nightwing, Arsenal, former Red Arrow, and Guardian proudly observing their handiwork in freeing the captive meta-human Markovian children. Can’t deny these four make a good team, in security uniforms or out.