Friends from College season 2, episode 6 recap: Free Fall


Friends from College left off with Lisa and Nick both ending relationships (opening the door to them starting one together) and Sam finally visiting Ethan’s apartment. Max is struggling to find the right way to get credit for his work on Ethan’s new novel.

Episode 6 of Friends from College starts off with Tag and his two friends climbing to the top of a building, base jumping off and then meeting Marianne at her car.

Moving on, Sam and Ethan eat in Ethan’s kitchen after spending the night together. Ethan’s roommate (Allen) comes in, no shirt, and makes things super awkward. But things are the most uncomfortable as Sam and Ethan to stumble trying to define what, exactly, their relationship is.

Sam hastily grabs her stuff to leave so she can get out of the situation.

Elsewhere, Lisa has enlisted Nick’s help to get her stuff out of Charlie’s apartment. Charlie sits on the couch and spews insults as the other two work. He says Lisa is a user and has a man for everything—impregnating her, helping her move, etc.

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After an awkward series of dance moves where Charlie tries to prove that he’s being “cool” and not getting worked up, Lisa and Nick leave.

Felix, taking matters into his own hands, invites Ethan to have lunch with him. Felix comes right out with it and tells Ethan that, if Max is coming up with half of the ideas, Max’s name should be next to Ethan’s on the book. (He also makes sure to say that this conversation wasn’t Max’s idea.)

Ethan is extremely reluctant to the idea, still believing that Max hasn’t helped as much as Felix is saying. The conversation ends seemingly without any progress being made.

Sam and Jon meet with their son’s teacher and as the meeting ends, Jon and Chelsea, the teacher, kiss goodbye. Sam had no idea this was going on and is completely shocked. Jon says he told Sam about it, but Sam is emphatic that he didn’t. She doesn’t want Jon dating someone that involved with their children’s lives.

Now that all of her stuff is out of Charlie’s apartment, Lisa is crashing with Nick (a much better option than Marianne’s place). Still thinking about what happened, Lisa asks Nick if he thinks she uses men. Nick speculates that Charlie was just hurt and saying things for the sake of being mean.

After struggling to sleep on the couch (because he gave Lisa his bedroom), Nick goes off to the bathroom. Lisa also gets up to go to the bathroom and walks in on Nick jerking off. In the ensuing panic, Lisa says she should leave. But, flustered, Nick insists she stay, saying he loves having her there. He then blurts out that he loves her.

He doesn’t backtrack, but he apologizes because he knows it’s not the right moment to say that to her. Lisa says it’s ok, they don’t need to talk about it.

The next morning, Nick is still feeling awkward when Lisa comes to the kitchen. Trying to ease the tension, Lisa says that she “had a dream” that there was a giant blonde gorilla in Nick’s bathroom. She tries to tell him that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed about what happened, but he still is.

But more than what he was caught doing, Nick is embarrassed by what he said. He apologizes again, acknowledging that he knows Lisa has a lot on her plate and saying that he wants to pretend it never happened.

Lisa said she got an Airbnb, but Nick tries to say she can still stay with him.

Just then, Nick gets a notification that Tag’s base jumping group was live streaming. The video shows that Tag’s parachute tearing and him dying. (Not gory or particularly graphic, just upsetting.)

This cuts to Marianne sitting in her car waiting to pick up Tag and his friends. The two friends get in her car and when Marianne asks where Tag is, one of the friends throws up. This cuts to Tag’s funeral.

All of Marianne’s friends are at the funeral. Ethan, Nick, Sam, and Max talk about the fragility of life and, true to form, they can’t help but make jokes. They agree not to sit together during the ceremony (though they do anyway). Nick talks to Lisa off to one side about how her new Airbnb stay is going.

One of Tag’s friends gives a eulogy about why they risk their lives, which is also being live streamed on YouTube. When Marianne gets up, she talks about how Tag didn’t care about what other people thought of his life, he did what made him happy.

After the ceremony, Marianne tells Max and Ethan that she’s worried about what will happen when things slow down and she doesn’t have the funeral preoccupying her thoughts. In a clear spur of the moment choice, Max asks Marianne to officiate his wedding.

As soon as she walks away, he says that he has no idea why he said that and he hopes she’ll forget. Max starts to ask Ethan about the book, but Ethan stops him and says that they should write it together. After all, they do enjoy working together. Max is ecstatic.

After the funeral, Max goes home to tell Felix his exciting news. Felix looks content in how he helped, but that feeling is quickly washed away with Max drops in the fact that he asked Marianne to officiate their wedding.

This cuts to Sam and Ethan in bed together. Sam has finally invited him over. As they lay in bed together they talk about the fact that this is the first time they’ve been together and not felt horrible about what they were doing. They finally seem happy together. Sam says that maybe they need to be like Tag and take a chance.

As Ethan makes them breakfast, Jon walks in and Ethan runs to hide. Jon had come by to get his Fitbit charger. Sam tries to usher him out quickly, but Jon hears Ethan sneeze in another room.

In a truly over the top moment, Jon goes to check on the sound and opens the door to Sam’s basement. Ethan was hiding right behind the door, so when Jon opens it, Ethan is knocked down the stairs and hurts his leg. But the scare also sends Jon into a heart attack.

Ethan hobbles up the stairs and tries to give Jon mouth to mouth. As soon as Ethan is close, Jon starts strangling him and the two men wrestle on the floor.

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The EMT shows up and tells Jon he wasn’t having a heart attack and it’s more likely that he was having a panic attack. After the EMT leaves, he asks Ethan and Sam if they’re dating now. Ethan says that they are together and Sam agrees, finally putting a label on their relationship.

Will Ethan and Sam be able to make their relationship work? How will Lisa react when she finds out? Let us know your thoughts on this episode of Friends from College in the comments.