Friends from College season 2, episode 7 recap: Fireworks


In the previous episode of Friends from College, after Tag’s death, Sam and Ethan decide to take a chance on being together for real. Nick told Lisa he loves her. And Ethan and Felix finally get on the same page about the novel.

The penultimate episode of Friends from College season two opens with Max telling his coworkers that he’s transitioning his career so he can write with Ethan. This leads to Max’s coworkers fighting over who gets to take his clients. For the most part, they’re uninterested in what he’s doing with his life.

Except for one person, who points out (in a kind of backhanded compliment way) that by doing this, he’s leaving his steady career to, essentially, completely start over from nothing.

Elsewhere, Ethan and Sam have coffee, both relieved that Jon knows about them. Ethan thinks they should go ahead and tell the rest of the group. Sam wonders if things will stop being fun if they tell everyone. She eventually agrees that it’ll be fine and they both acknowledge that they need to tell Lisa first.

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As Ethan and Max finally get down to actually working on the new novel, there are a few growing pains. Max wants to make small changes (like finding more evocative verbs) in the first draft while Ethan wants to focus on the overall story before making those smaller decisions. The two are using Allen, Ethan’s roommate, as a tiebreaker for any disagreements they have.

This process isn’t working for Ethan, so he proposes that they split up the chapters so each person can work on their part alone.

Lisa joins Nick at a diner before she leaves town for the 4th of July holiday. They both try to pull reasons why their relationship can’t work right now. As they joke back and forth about the reasons things can’t work, they wind up landing on a reason it should: Why not? They’re both getting older and need to go for the things they want.

They kiss, hold hands and order food.

As Lisa smiles to herself on the bus afterward, she starts to gag and vomits a little on the back of the man standing in front of her. She immediately gets off the bus and goes to buy a pregnancy test.

After taking it, she goes to find Charlie who is at his weekend soccer game. She lets him know that she’s pregnant.

Charlie goes with her to the doctor’s office and as they sit in the waiting room, Ethan calls and asks her if she’ll meet with him. She rejects him and says he can tell her what he has to say over the phone. So, Ethan tells her that he and Sam are together.

Obviously preoccupied with her own life, mixed with her feelings toward Ethan, she tells him she doesn’t care and hangs up.

As the doctor confirms that Lisa is pregnant, Lisa and Charlie reconcile on Friends from College. Charlie apologizes for pushing marriage on her and Lisa says that now she wants to get married. But once the doctor says how far along Lisa is, Lisa starts to do the math in her head. This might not be Charlie’s baby.

She checks her phone calendar in the bathroom afterward and sees that the day the baby was conceived was a day Charlie was out of town. In fact, it was the day she had sex with Ethan in the storage unit.

Lisa leaves the bathroom and Charlie is on the phone with his parents sharing the good news. After he hangs up, she lets him know that the baby isn’t his. Charlie is furious (after all, Lisa didn’t actually make sure he know she cheated on him when she tried to tell him before). He grabs his stuff and leaves.

Lisa goes to Marianne and tells her everything.

Marianne isn’t sure how to react as Lisa shifts between being happy about being pregnant, worried that the pregnancy may not go well and terrified about the ramifications of having Ethan’s child. Lisa says she’s not going to tell Ethan until she sees the child’s heartbeat and knows the pregnancy is “real.”

Back in the writer’s realm, Max struggles to put any words down. He paces, plays silly games, cooks, rearranges things, and does anything other work on the novel. After dropping some cookies crumbs (he made cookies while not writing) on his keyboard and causing the keys to stick, he calls someone over to fix it. He then has the guy he called sit down and start writing for him.

Max slips right back into his old ways of looking over the writer’s shoulder and nitpicking everything he writes. They, of course, fight and the guy storms out. Max then receives an invitation to a 4th of July party hosted by Sam and Ethan.

Nick, Marianne, and Max get together to discuss what this invite means. None of them knew Sam and Ethan were together and they’re all disgusted by it. Despite this, Marianne says they have to go.

Jumping forward to the party, the three quickly discuss not being awkward around Sam and Ethan.

Ethan asks Max how his pages are coming and says he has two chapters (65 pages) done that he can send over to Max to take a look at. Max lies and says he has 75-100 pages done already and he’s having a great time writing.

Things in the group are awkward and eventually, Sam says enough and tells the group to just get what they have to say off of their chests. She says that everyone needs to get comfortable with this new situation. One by one, Sam has them go around and say their thoughts on the new relationship.

They’re all uncomfortable with it, but Sam and Ethan tease them about how disgusted they’re acting.

Marianne, however, is very serious. Sam and Ethan, Marianne points out, have had a dishonest and destructive relationship since college, which makes it weird for the group to try to get on board with them coming together.

When Lisa (who is not present) is brought up, Ethan says he already told her and she’s not upset. Nick then claims that Lisa isn’t upset because she’s with him now, which catches everyone by surprise. Marianne, squashing this weird show of bravado by Nick, tells him that they’re definitely not together.

Before she can say anything else, Marianne decides to leave. Max speculates that Marianne is still in mourning and will be fine in time.

To diffuse the situation, they decide to set off some of the fireworks that Nick brought to the party. But the first firework he tries to light doesn’t go off. Assuming it’s a dud because the fireworks are six years old, Nick winds up pointing it at his face and then toward Sam’s house.

The firework eventually does go off as he’s pointing it through Sam’s door and it ricochets around in her kitchen.

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After the party, Sam and Ethan clean up the kitchen and Sam says it was kind of fun that actual fireworks went off in her kitchen. As they come together and fully realize that they’re truly open in their relationship, Sam finally takes off her wedding and engagement rings.

The episode ends with Lisa sitting alone and smiling at a little yellow sweater that she bought for her future baby.

How do you think Ethan will react to finding out about Lisa’s pregnancy? Will Ethan and Sam’s new relationship survive the surprise? And will Max ever write anything? Let us know your thoughts on this episode of Friends from College in the comments.