Friends from College season 2 finale recap: The Wedding


This final episode of this season of Friends from College brings the culmination of a season that saw Ethan and Sam finally start a real relationship, Lisa finally gets pregnant, and Max tries his hand at co-writing a novel.

The conclusion of season 2 of Friends from College begins with Charlie watching a video tutorial on how to throw a punch “like a real man.” “Eye of the Tiger” kicks in as Charlie does his best to train—it doesn’t go well. Everything he buys (like punching bags) breaks.

This quickly cuts to Charlie sitting and watching soccer with a friend who tells Charlie that he should just let it go since he and Lisa didn’t even date for that long. Eventually, Charlie smiles and agrees to let it go (though, it really doesn’t seem like he’s moving on).

Elsewhere, Sam meets Jon at a nice restaurant. Jon is much more pleasant toward Sam and, after very little small talk, he says he wants them to get back together.

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Jon says he’s been through a divorce before and doesn’t want to go through it again, plus he wants to keep the family together. But, as Sam points out, Jon’s the one who asked for the divorce in the first place. Sam also brings up the fact that Jon left an insane voicemail for everyone in Sam’s contacts.

Jon’s solution: Another recording that he can play for people, backtracking on what he said before.

Sam doesn’t want to hear it and stops him. Sam tries to explain that they don’t have to be together for her to be a good mother and that it’s better for the kids to have two parents that are happy, even if they’re apart. Jon responds by suggesting they have another kid.

The scene ends with Sam looking like she’s struggling to turn Jon’s pleas down.

Max and Ethan are attending a meeting to get notes on what they have of the book so far. When Ethan arrives, Max apologizes for not getting Ethan the pages of the book he had written (because in reality he still hadn’t written them). Max claims he wants to get the pages just right.

During the meeting, Ethan realizes that he really doesn’t care about the book or the series anymore. But, he sees how excited Max is about it and says that Max should write the book alone. Ethan says they’re at a point in their lives where they need to do the things they love; Max loves the book’s subject matter, Ethan doesn’t.

Their marketing agent points out that Ethan is under contract and that Max is completely unproven as a writer, to which Max readily agrees.

Ethan says that Max does have a writing sample that proves he should write the book: the pages of the book they had with them that day. The ideas, Ethan points out, are all Max’s and so are the words. Max, unable to admit that he hasn’t done anything, agrees.

You can almost see the color draining from Max’s face.

Convinced that this could work, the agent then asks Max point-blank: Do you want to write this? And Max can’t say no.

Friends from College then transitions to a pre-wedding photo shoot for Max and Felix. Max, still panicked from the meeting, tells Felix they may need to cut their honeymoon short because he’s so stressed out about his writing deadline.

As Max thanks Felix for being supportive through his attempts to be a writer, Felix implies that he’s been more helpful than Max realizes. Felix then confesses he talked to Ethan about having Max co-write the book.

Max, taking his frustration over not being able to write out on Felix, gets mad at Felix for meddling. Felix sees right through him and asks if Max is having trouble writing.

As the group gathers outside for photos together, Charlies swoops in and punches Nick in the face. Nick asks Charlie why he punched him in the face and Lisa shouts that it wasn’t Nick. Realizing who it must have been who got Lisa pregnant, Charlies tries to punch Ethan, who easily gets out of the way. Charlie dislocates his arm in the process.

A nearby doctor puts Charlie’s arm back in place. Then, as Ethan tries to check to see if Charlie is okay, Charlie punches Ethan in the face and runs away. A security guard eventually tackles Charlie.

This cuts to the wedding ceremony where Felix sings to Max on the altar.

The episode moves quickly on to the reception where Felix congratulates Lisa on the pregnancy—he’s the doctor Lisa had originally tried to see when she first found out she was pregnant, but he was out of the office that day. Felix says he has a good feeling.

Felix hadn’t said anything before, but he tells Max that Lisa is pregnant and Ethan is the father. Max goes tries to go off, but Felix stops him and tells him that Ethan doesn’t know yet and Max can’t tell anyone.

Outside, Nick pulls Lisa aside and asks her why he and Ethan got punched by her ex-boyfriend. Lisa finally admits to him that she’s pregnant with Ethan’s child.

Nick is dumbfounded. He tells Lisa that he gave up everything (i.e. his relationship with Merrill) to be with her. Lisa points out that she had nothing to do with that, it was all Nick’s decision. Nick tries to say that she had given off some kind of “vibes” that made him think that leaving Merrill was the right thing to do.

Nick, dejected, said it should have been him ending up with her and then he walks away.

Off to the side of the party, Ethan confesses to Sam that he slept with Lisa before the two of them got together. The honesty doesn’t cut it with Sam, considering it took a man punching Ethan in the face to make Ethan admit to what happened.

Sam says she’s not upset, she understands the connection between people who were married for a long time. She takes this opportunity to tell Ethan that Jon wants to get back together with her. She says she never gave Jon an answer. Ethan then tells Sam that he had planned them a trip to Paris—a trip they had planned to take when they were younger, but never took.

Before Sam has a chance to respond, she’s dragged to the dance floor. Surrounded by everyone dancing, Sam shouts across to Ethan that she’ll go.

The episode then cuts to Nick sadly rollerblading down the street when he comes across a playground with kids playing. He stops and smiles. His mood completely changes and now he’s excited.

Ethan is on his way out of his apartment for his trip to Paris when Max arrives. Max finally admits that he hasn’t written a single word of the book. He’s tried everything, but nothing is working. Max is panicking.

Max begs Ethan to co-write the book, but Ethan is going to Paris and says he can’t. Max calls Ethan selfish and says that Ethan is leaving a lot of money on the table that he can’t afford to miss out on. Sensing Max is hiding something, Ethan prods to figure out what is going on. Before Max can cave, the scene cuts away to Lisa getting ready to go to a doctor’s appointment.

Marianne offers to go with her, but Lisa declines the offer. Just then, Nick knocks on the door and rollerblades in. Nick says he wants to go to the appointment with Lisa, but again Lisa says she’d rather go alone. Nick also says he wants to help Lisa raise her child. Lisa thinks the offer is sweet — but too much.

Before the conversation can go any further, Ethan and Max burst in. Lisa confirms for Ethan that she’s pregnant with his child. Ethan says that she should have told him and Nick says they can all talk about it after he and Lisa go to her appointment.

Ethan is, of course, confused as to why Nick is going to the appointment and Lisa says again that Nick is not going. Marianne suggests they all go together. Lisa finally snaps and screams that she’s going by herself and she leaves. Ethan goes after her, leaving Nick in the apartment with Marianne and Max.

Ethan continues to try to talk to Lisa, but she gets in a cab and drives off.

This cuts to Sam in the airport, holding a baguette and wearing a beret, waiting for Ethan to show up. It’s the final boarding call and Ethan is nowhere to be found. She throws away her baguette and beret and leaves.

When Lisa gets to her appointment, Ethan is already in the waiting room, looking like he ran the whole way there.

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Sam gets home to her apartment to find Jon. He had gotten painters to come repaint the kitchen that was scorched by fireworks. It was going to be a surprise. Lisa hugs Jon and looks sad, but like she may take him back.

In the doctor’s office, Ethan is at Lisa’s side as she finally hears her baby’s heartbeat.

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